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Businesses large and small intent on increasing revenue are going where the eyeballs reside, directing their advertising dollars to capture online audiences.
The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the way we live our lives. It increased what was a rapidly growing wave of consumers digesting information from online sources.
At we help businesses improve their brand and reach new consumers through a variety of advertising options. We specialize in getting your message to South Florida audiences in the places that they consume information – on phones and other mobile devices.
With traditional comedy hubs New York and Los Angeles slow to re-open following the pandemic, national comics are flocking to South Florida for performances and podcasts. is at the forefront of the South Florida comedy explosion, quickly becoming a well respected source for news and features within the South Florida comedic scene.
Let Applause Break bring these new comedic audiences to your business. We have packages available for every budget. For more information, email us:
All new advertisers will receive the month of December for free with paid commitment.
  • Display Ads Within Stories
  • Additional Social Media Plugs
  • Commercials / Mentions during Videos and Podcasts
  • Display Logo on Banner or Screen at Shows
  • Sponsorship of Shows
  • Shout Out at Shows
  • Bring A Show to Your Business/Venue
  • Website Creation
  • Mini-site in our “Things to Do” Section
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COMICS – usually age 21-40. A sociable group, comics tend to travel in packs and are skilled promoters. They frequent bars and restaurants. They stick together and support each other’s shows and causes.
LOCAL COMEDY FANS – again, aged 21-40. They are looking for a good time and are willing to spend money and try something new.
BAR RESTAURANT OWNERS/MANAGERS/STAFF – Good patrons to have. They are always looking for something new and tend to be willing to spend money socially and on quality products.
According to StatSocial, internet comedy connoisseurs tend to range in age from 25-54, with the highest percentage of the group aged 35-44.