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Getting Butchered

Flip Schultz headlines a terrific lineup on Thursday at the Butcher Shop Beer Garden and Grill in West Palm Beach, earning the Applause Planner's Pick of the Week.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Thursday is shaping up to be a great night for fans of South Florida comedy.

Flip Schultz headlines the show at the Butcher Shop Beer Garden and Grill in West Palm Beach.

About an hour south Rodney Badger and Rob Churchill are two of the big names on Nik Macik’s showcase at Blue Jean Blues in Fort Lauderdale.

Can’t fault fans for choosing one free show over the other, but the Applause Planner Pick of the Week is the one at the Butcher Shop.

Schultz always delivers a good time. He has a wealth of material to draw from – for 2021 he’s posting one new video per day on social media – and is always writing, recently unleashing some new material.

In Kolin Bohannon, Stephanie Wood, Robb Kalert, Corey Cognac and Phil Isme, Schultz also has a strong cast of supporting comics preceding him.

This will probably be the better overall of the two shows – not by much – but the person to ask afterward will be Isme. He’s actually performing at both the Butcher Shop and Blue Jean Blues shows. Should be a fun night for him.


Comedy Night – Tuesday, June 15, Fiorella
Stephanie Oliver is headlining and producing this new show in Lake Worth. In Mark Christopher, Jim Patterson, Steve Lamm, Mike Cintron and host Jesse Cohen, Oliver’s recruited a some of the top local comics for the show. She’ll be competing with a bunch of open mics, but if Oliver can consistently offer lineups like this one this show could have staying power.

Sunshine State Comedy – Wednesday, June 16, The Dubliner
Don’t want to wait until Thursday to see Schultz perform? He’ll take the stage one day earlier in Boca Raton. Lalo Rodriguez, Jared Stein, Johnny Azari and Sharon Pfeiffer are also expected to perform in a show that has quickly developed into a Wednesday night mainstay.

Gold Coast Comedy – Thursday, June 17, Blue Jean Blues
Touched on this show above. Churchill makes the trip across Alligator Alley to perform on this one. He’s worth seeing. Michelle Castor, Dexter Angry, Rob Garguilo, Cindy-Ann Jane and Jay Moreno are also expected to join Badger and Isme on the bill.

Comedy After Dark – Friday, June 18, Grandview Public Market
Jimmy Shubert is back in South Florida, headlining another show that drew consideration for the Pick of the Week. He always entertains, and with local stalwarts Jackie Sanchez, Hennessy Williams, Matt Ross and Corey Cognac also part of this show the whole night should rock. Admission is free, and for a $20 drink ticket fans can drink unlimited amounts of draft beer, wine and something called Grandview Punch. Sounds dangerous.

Godfrey – Friday, June 18 – Sunday, June 20, Palm Beach Improv
A polished stand-up performer who’s toured internationally and has a special on Showtime, Godfrey is also an accomplished comedic actor with many television credits on his resume. The Palm Beach Improv is the area’s premier comedy venue, offering a great environment for a show. And fans have five opportunities to see Godfrey – two on Friday, two more on Saturday and one on Sunday.

For a complete listing of area shows, visit the Applause Break Events Calendar.

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