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Back With Bellak

Matt Bellak is back in Boca Raton, bringing a strong lineup to the Whistle Stop on Monday - the Applause Planner Pick of the Week.

by Chuck king

BOCA RATON – The Matt Bellak-produced comedy show at Boca Raton’s Whistle Stop returns on Monday with what is arguably its best lineup thus far.

While the show doesn’t boast a true headliner (Bellak serves as host), it offers some of South Florida comedy’s heaviest hitters.

Back from his sabbatical, Nadeem Awad is expected to close the show. Phil Isme – fresh off featuring for Godfrey at the Palm Beach Improv – and Steve Lamm are also on the bill, as is Louisianan C.J. Landry, who is touring with Bellak and Tim Hanlon as part of the Dope City Comedy Tour.

Creighton Bayer and Kevin Javier are also scheduled to perform. Late last week Bellak also suggested that a couple of guest performers could be added to the show. Considering Bellak’s reach, those guests would likely have strong name recognition in the comedy world.

Aside from the Tin Roof show held on the final Monday of each month, the start of the week hadn’t been offering many great choices for comedy fans. Two months after launching shows at the Whistle Stop, Bellak has created a strong destination to start weeks.

Now Bellak offers shows on the first and third Mondays of each month, with the Tin Roof’s show rounding out each month. Suddenly, Monday’s a pretty good day for comedy in South Florida.

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Jacked Up Comedy Show – Wednesday, June 23, Palm Beach Improv
Like Bellak’s show at the Whistle Stop, Jackie Sanchez is enjoying a similar run at the Palm Beach Improv. She booking strong guests to her monthly show and drawing crowds on what is normally considered an off night. Sanchez hosts this show that’s headlined by Elgin David. Nathan Wallace makes the trek from Florida’s west coast for the show. Locals Stephanie Wood, Robb Kalert and Warren Scott are also scheduled to perform.

Bier Bash – Thursday, June 24, Biergarten
Sadman Comedy Productions brings Clyde Gordon to Boca Raton for this comedy showcase. Nadeem Awad, Alex Novello, Lee Chirillo, Nick Simmons and Joanna B are also scheduled to perform, with David Sadman hosting. These Thursday shows at the Biergarten have enjoyed larger-than-normal crowds for the past few shows, and the audience at the most recent show, in particular, couldn’t have been any better. Just ask Lamm.

Brad Williams – Thursday-Saturday, June 24-26, Palm Beach Improv
A California native, Williams started doing stand-up comedy as a teenager and has been touring successfully ever since, routinely selling out shows all over the country and the world. Following numerous TV appearances, Williams’ first one-hour special, Fun Size, on Showtime drew great ratings. His second special, Daddy Issues, was even more successful. The New York Times wrote “No one is doing it [stand-up comedy] more hilariously than Brad Williams.” Williams plays one show on Thursday, with two shows each on Friday and Saturday.

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