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With Black Friday throwing the world into chaos South Florida comics offer their views in this funny video on what has become a pseudo-holiday.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Shoppers of the world, this is your day.

Black Friday, as the day after Thanksgiving has come to be known, is a day for bargains. It’s also also become synonymous with chaos.

That’s because bargain hunters across the country have demonstrated the willingness to forego normal niceties to save a couple of dollars. Yes, some of the deals are tremendous, but is pursuing them worthwhile?

Don’t expect South Florida comics to be hitting the malls looking for Black Friday sales. Turns out, most of them are not big fans of Black Friday – and the ones that are don’t seem to truly grasp the true meaning of the day. In the above video comics Steve Lamm, Tim Hanlon, Hansen Sinclair, Matt Durndak, Matt Ross, Vital Dieujuste, Connie Fernandez and Jay Guy offer their funny takes on Black Friday.

To celebrate Black Friday, simply find a way to spend money and save money at the same time. There are some excellent Black Friday deals available on Amazon, many of them last through the weekend. Follow this link to what’s available.

More deals will be coming on Cyber Monday, which is, well, Monday. This might be a good time to look ahead.

What with inflation and supply chain shortages, there are plenty of reasons to make holiday gift purchases early.

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