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Carl of COVID

Carl Rimi doesn't pull punches, crushes with a set loaded with COVID-19 material during his first appearance at the Sadman Speakeasy.

by Chuck king

BOCA RATON – Some comics steer clear of COVID-19 pandemic jokes, fearful they could strike a negative nerve with some audience members.

Not Carl Rimi.

During Wednesday’s performance at the Sadman Comedy Speakeasy Lounge, he pounded the subject frequently – much to the enjoyment of the sold out crowd.

“I just took an angle,” Rimi said.

Many angles, in fact.

Rimi, who clearly isn’t afraid of the virus or fond of the over-the-top regulations imposed because if it, came out firing by congratulating the audience for risking possible doom by merely attending the show. He also had fun with masks and vaccines, and mockingly thanked supermarket workers for their service.

“It’s not like I’m really being offensive to grocery store workers,” Rimi said.

Making his first appearance at what was the third show at the Sadman Speakeasy, Rimi blistered through 20 minutes as the final comic of the night.

Bruce Smirnoff – who has performed at all three Sadman Speakeasy shows – and Richie Minervini – making his second appearance – co-headlined the show.

“I loved that everyone was enjoying themselves and just enjoying themselves doing stand up.,” Rimi said.

Rimi incorporating plenty of crowd work into his act.

“I like that I can see everybody, that we’re not just at a stuffy club where you can only see three rows,” Rimi said.

David Sadman featured on the show, with Nadeem Awad and Steve Lamm featuring.

Rimi’s mind is on more than COVID and comedy these days. Next month he resumes shooting the movie iPossessed, a horror/thriller where he’s doing a little bit of everything, including producing, directing, staring and writing.

“I’m still going to do stand-up but my heart is doing this,” Rimi said of his desire to make movies.

At the moment, Rimi is using money earned from his stand-up appearances to help fund the movie. And while he’s not afraid to have a little fun at the pandemic’s expense, he’s also willing to earn a little capital from it.

Prior to exiting the stage Rimi plugged his merchandise table, which includes masks emblazoned with the phrase “Trust No One.”

“You have to wear them so why not wear a Trust No One mask?” Rimi said.

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