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South Florida comic Charly Esturilho is planning a big bash the night before heading to New York City. The Applause Planner expects it to be a scene.

by Chuck king

POMPANO BEACH – South Florida comic Charly Esturilho is next in the line of comics relocating to New York City.

But before he heads north on Saturday, Esturilho is planning one heck of a party.

Esturilho’s been producing high quality monthly shows at the Pompano Beach Brewing Company, and on Friday night he’s going out in style.

Many of South Florida’s top comics will be there to send off Esturilho; including Nadeem Awad, Jackie Sanchez, Steve Lamm, Mike Cintron, Kevin Javier, Brian Coronado, Connie Fernandez, Chris Shepard, Riley Edwards, Nico Prada, Stephanie Wood, Blake Woodrow. Rumors of additional special guests continue to circulate.

Pompano Beach Brewing crafts some of the most delicious local brews – they have a key lime offering that’s unbelievable – and will have The Munchies Report food truck parked outside.

After Friday, Esturilho will pass the torch to Shepard and Zach Bugarin, who will be taking over production of the show.

But before that happens, there will be a night thats all about Esturilho. Friday’s free show begins at 8 p.m. There’s no telling how late it will go, but there should be plenty of fun well into the night.


Wednesday, Sept., 28, 2022
Florida’s Funniest First Round – Miami Improv, Doral
The Applause Planner doesn’t normally venture into Miami for shows, but this one is a little different. It’s the first of the opening round shows in the Florida’s Funniest Comedian competition. Mark Christopher and Rodney Badger, two of the contestants, are regular performers in the Applause Break coverage area. Many of the others travel north from time to time for shows. Kristian Lugo, Oriel Rodriguez, Nia Dara, Brett Engle, Randy White, Ricky Cruz, Alex Tarrio, Grant Toliver, Luis Diaz, Brax Tinkler, Stephen Ippolito, Shak Zoola, James Warmington, Jay Moreno, Willonius Hatcher, Sergio Mendez, Adrien Hernandez, Pedro Rodriguez and Ahmed Awney are also scheduled to perform. Should be the start of a fun couple of months. The champion will be crowned at a Dec. 1 show at the Palm Beach Improv.

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