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The Tuesday, Oct. 5, open mic at Brogues in Lake worth is canceled and may never return, potentially ending the best open mic in South Florida.

by Chuck king

LAKE WORTH – The best open mic in South Florida may be no more.

Late Tuesday morning producer Jackie Sanchez announced via social media that the new owners of Brogues pulled the plug on her weekly event.

“It really bums me out to be posting this but Brogues got new owners and they do not want to continue the open mic. I tried to pull for one last one tonight but they don’t want it,” Sanchez wrote.

Sanchez launched the Brogues open mic about 10 months ago, quickly building it into a destination for first timers giving stand-up comedy a try and veteran comics developing new routines.

The night regularly brought 20 or more comics to the stage.

In June, Applause Break tabbed Tuesday nights at Brogues “the area’s best open mic.”

Sanchez isn’t giving up hope that the open mic can return to Brogues shortly.

“I’m going to try to talk to them myself tonight and see if I can convince them to let us come back once they make whatever changes they are making,” Sanchez wrote in her post.

Replacing Brogues as the comics’ top destination for open mics won’t be easy, but there are some options currently available.

Monday night at Spanx The Hog in Pompano Beach, a show produced by Nik Macik, continues to grow in popularity among local comics.

And Wednesday may now become the most notable night for South Florida open mics.

Sanchez recently launched an open mic on Wednesdays at Dukes in Jupiter. As part of their South Florida Comedy venture, Lalo Rodriguez and Stephanie Wood are holding their first open mic at Mathews Brewing on Wednesday in Lake Worth, blocks from Brogues. The Coop in Delray Beach is also the site of a Wednesday open mic.


As for Tuesdays, Sanchez is already working to find a site to replace Brogues.

“I love the environment we have created at Brogues and if it is gone for good, I’ll do my best to find another venue that’s even better,” Sanchez wrote.

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