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Comics Gambling On Themselves

Friday night at Delray Beach's Doghouse Theater comics will bet $25 apiece that they are the funniest in the house.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – The Doghouse Theater is inviting comics to put their money where their jokes are.

Tonight, the improvisational Delray Beach theater is hosting a comedy contest, with the winner walking away with more than $200.

The catch?

Comics must pay a $25 entry fee. All entry fees collected will be award to the contest winner. The winning comic will also receive a paid set at an upcoming Doghouse Theater show.

Ten comics met Monday’s deadline to register for the contest. Each will perform a five-minute set.

“I designed the contest just to figure out who we have for talent in the area,” said Casey Casperson, founder of Sick Puppies Comedy.

Jewel thief-turned-comedian Bryan Sobolewski will host the show and close the contest with a performance of his own.

Casperson declined to identify the contestants. He and Doghouse Theater owner Tom Neile will serve as judges, with audience potentially aiding in determination the winner.

“It’s not a popularity contest,” Casperson said. “If the two of us can’t agree, then we’re going to pay attention to kind of who the audience reacted more to.”

The show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

“The hope is that you’ll have people that are supporting their friends who are going up on stage,” Casperson said. “Hopefully, they will be the ones who buy the tickets and come in.”

The contest offers a brief departure from the Doghouse’s normal Friday night schedule which mixes stand-up comedy and improvisational comedy skits.

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