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Jen Hellman and Jason Rogers combined their comedic and promotional talents to create shows that are funny with a purpose.

by Chuck king

WEST PALM BEACH – Even before the start of last night’s successful event, Jen Hellman and Jason Rogers were already planning to take their newly formed partnership on the road.

“It will be something we’ll duplicate in other markets,” Hellman said.

Hellman, a South Florida-based comic, and the Los-Angeles-based Rogers met in January at the Palm Beach Improv when she featured for Jeremy Piven.

The respected show producers quickly established a working friendship.

“Jason and I connected and we knew right away that we could kind of work together promotionally,” Hellman said. “We both brought things to the table.”

The fruits of those initial conversations were on display this week, with Wednesday’s show at the Improv sandwiched between a Tuesday show at a retirement home and Thursday’s performance at The Farmer’s Table in North Palm Beach.

National touring comic Dale Jones headlined all three shows.

“It was fun,” Jones said following Wednesday’s performance. “I liked it.”

Rogers produces shows across the country as part of his American Me project. When creating those shows, Rogers likes to have some sort of tie-in that benefits a non-profit organization.

A portion of the proceeds from all shows Jen Hellman produces goes to her non-profit Comics Crushing Cancer, so the initial conversation between her and Rogers quickly developed into a partnership.

Hellman used her local business connections to land several sponsors for Wednesday night’s show.

“They are then tied in with the non-profit plus they get a great night of comedy, so it’s a win-win,” Rogers said.

Early estimates have the show raising more than $1,000 for Comics Crushing Cancer. Those funds are used to help people fighting cancer pay for non-medical goods and services while battling the disease.

Hellman and Rogers both performed on Wednesday night. Nadeem Awad also featured, with Mike Cintron serving as host.

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