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Dark Days Of Chocolate

South Florida comics, like most American,s love all forms of chocolate. They help celebrate National Dark Chocolate Day in this video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Dark Chocolate isn’t for everyone. But if it’s for you, today is your day.

February 1, 2022 is National Dark Chocolate Day. It’s a day to celebrate the purest of all cocoa.

South Florida comics are generally fans of chocolate, but not all are fans of dark chocolate. In the above funny dark chocolate video David Sadman, Nadeem Awad, John Loveless, Perry Sak and Mark Christopher offer their thoughts on dark chocolate, white chocolate – pretty much all kinds of chocolate. Not all of their opinions are covered in chocolate.

What is chocolate? Chocolate comes from the seed of the Theobroma cacao tree, which grows in the tropics. the plant grows in Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America. Humans have been cultivating cacao for at least 3,000 years. The earliest known documentation of using cacao seeds dates to around 1100 BC.

Celebrating National Dark Chocolate Day is easy. Head to the nearest grocery store, purchase a dark chocolate bar, and eat it. Buy several kinds of dark chocolate bars and taste the differences in the percentage of chocolate and the the region of the earth where to chocolate is grown.

Chocolate is so beloved that it has several National Days devoted to it. Some may remember the Applause Break video from Dec. 16 celebrating National Dip Something In Chocolate Day.

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