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Donut Try This At Home

South Florida comics celebrate National Donut Day in this humorous video discussing the pros and cons of the doughnut.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – The donut is, without a doubt, America’s favorite breakfast treat, which makes today one of the best days of the year.

Friday, Nov. 5, 2021 is National Donut Day. One look at South Florida comics and it becomes evident that breakfast is one of their most important meals of the day.

Applause Break asked (mostly) South Florida comics to assess National Donut Day. The responses from Connie Fernandez, Steve Lamm, Vital Dieujuste, Nadeem Awad, Tim Hanlon, Steve Miller and CJ Landry may surprise – and will certainly entertain – comedy fans. Click on the above National Donut Day video to see why.

For the record, Applause Break believes Dieujuste and Hanlon may be on to something with their ideas.

There’s no doubting the donut’s popularity. American’s love donuts so much that there are actually two days each year honoring the breakfast pastry.

According to National Day Calendar the first June Friday – in 2021, that was June 3 – is National Doughnut Day, using the proper spelling of the fried dough. It’s believed that Doughnut Day is a nod to the Salvation Army Lassies, who served doughnuts to WWI soldiers.

While “doughnut” is the proper spelling, over the years “donut” has gained greater acceptance. As a result the AP Style book now recognizes both spellings.

How long have donuts been around? An English cookbook dating to the early 1800s notes a recipe for donuts, so at least 200 years.

In recent years a surprising number of bakeries have emerged that specialize in gourmet donuts. In the video Awad has some fun with those places. To celebrate National Donut Day, visit one of those bakeries and try a new flavor. Then, head to social media and let the world know about the experience by using the hashtag #NationalDonutDay.

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