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Hardly Feel Like Work

South Florida comics disclose job-related joys in this hunorous video celebrating Have Fun At Work Day.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Work is work and fun is fun, right? Never the two shall meet?

That’s not the case today.

Friday, January 28, 2022 is National Have Fun At Work Day. South Florida comics are ready to take advantage of the day.

Rebecca Loveless, Chad Ridgely, Franco Harris, Lukas Jason and Connie Fernandez offer their humorous thoughts on National Have Fun At Work Day in this funny video. It turns out that Loveless has a bit of a dark side.

It also shouldn’t be surprising that a group of comics have encountered some bizarre events at work. And Ridgely is making some of us eager for Halloween to come around again soon.

How should South Floridians celebrate Have Fun At Work Day? Basically, any way they want.

Pull a prank. Do a little dance. Sing a song. Dress up like someone at work. Rollerblade.

You know what you like. Do it at work.

At Applause Break, we’re all for unproductive days at work.

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