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Flip Schultz thought he had finished his set. Monqiue Marvez had a better idea. Her request proved wise - and hilarious - at the Biergarten.

by Chuck king

BOCA RATON – Headliner Monique Marvez wouldn’t let Flip Schultz leave the Biergarten stage until he performed one of her favorite bits.

As soon as Schultz thanked the audience following his brief set, Marvez yelled to him from the crowd that he needed to do one of his old bits – a fictional conversation based on an actual video of an Italian fisherman getting pulled overboard by a shark.

“I love that bit,” Marvez said. “That bit’s hilarious.”

Before gaining fame in Los Angeles, Marvez and Schultz launched their comedy careers in Miami during the 1990s.

“He used to do that bit randomly in the middle of his act,” Marvez said. “I was like, ‘No, no, no, that’s your close.”

Schultz took her advice and used the bit as his closer for many years. However, he retired it more than a decade ago.

That layoff didn’t affect the performance. The bit killed.

“I’m very happy I remembered as much as I did,” Schultz said. “It feels nice to know that an old closing bit still works. I might start bringing it back.”

Schultz wasn’t planning on performing at the Biergarten. He attended the show as a fan of Marvez.

That the bit generated so much laughter was even more gratifying for Schultz because Marvez is a comic he holds in high regard.

“She was already such a pro and so seasoned when I was starting that it’s great to come back and see her still f*cking killing, still a pro, still knowing how to work a room,” Schultz said. “And then to even think, Holy sh*t, we are peers now!” It’s just mind boggling.”


VENUE: Biergarten, Boca Raton (April 15, 2021)

David Sadman (Host)
Russ Oasis (Guest)
Nadeem Awad (Co-Feature)
Flip Schultz (Drop In)
Dougie Almeida (Co-Feature)
Monique Marvez (Headliner)

Marvez placed such an emphasis on crowd work that she appeared to incorporate each person in attendance into her show. She pivoted effortlessly from table to another, mixing her regular bits along the way. Those audience members with whom she interacted left with a story they’ll be talking about for weeks.

Miami’s Russ Oasis took the stage for a surprise five minutes. His set featured some unexpected – and humorous – disclaimers. …Nadeem Awad may have a future as a bingo caller. …Dougie Almeida grabbed the crowd’s attention with his bit about threesomes. …David Sadman gave a new – maybe first – definition to “reverse osmosissing.” Not completely certain what that is, but it sounds dirty.

Marvez is performing on Friday at Miami’s Villain Theater, and has a gig in Port St. Lucie on Saturday before returning to Los Angeles. …Schultz headlines Friday’s show at Pompano Beach Brewing and also Wednesday’s rescheduled show at the Sadman Comedy Speakeasy Lounge. …Awad and Sadman are also part of Sadman Speakeasy IV. …Almeida is looking forward to bringing comedy back to Tavolinos in Coral Springs on May 12. Jimmy Shubert headlines that show, with Matt Ross, Jackie Sanchez and Steve Lamm performing.

“South Florida comics are different. We look out for each other.” – Monique Marvez.

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