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Flippin’ Good

Neighborhood comedy show proves to be right up Flip Schultz's alley.

by Chuck king

Pandemic-induced rust is starting to wear off Flip Schultz.

The veteran comic headlined Saturday at a private event in a cul-de-sac within Boca Raton’s upscale New Floresta development, capping a night that gave the community exactly what it was looking for: laughter and a night out in a safe place.

For Schultz, the cul-de-sac was actually a step-up from his first performance following the COVID-induced shutdown of, well, basically everything that didn’t sell toilet paper. A couple months back he and his comic roommate performed in their own Los Angeles driveway.

“This was a lot more fun,” Schultz said.

Schultz performed for more than 40 minutes on Saturday, incorporating impressions, new bits and a significant amount of crowd work into his set.

“I’ve done enough live shows recently that I didn’t feel rusty,” Schultz said.


VENUE: New Floresta community within Boca Raton.


David Sadman (host)
Fasil Malik (guest)
Nadeem Awad
Nathan Wallace (feature)
Flip Schultz (headliner)

SHOW HIGHLIGHT: Schultz skillfully delivered a Donald Trump impression without turning it political. How? By having Trump read a nursery rhyme. Posing as the president Schultz mimicked Trump’s tone and tempo while pretending to be Trump reading Humpty Dumpty to his grandson. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall (Wall, let me tell you about a great and beautiful wall…) By keeping the bit free of political injection, Schultz allowed the crowd to laugh at the concept without having to cringe about the upcoming presidential election.

BE OUR GUEST: Wallace made the drive across Alligator Alley and didn’t disappoint. The noticeably large comic opened with self-deprecation, mocking his recent weight increase. But what most in the cul-de-sac will surely remember is Wallace’s unique theory regarding the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Malik’s deadpan delivery kept the audience guessing as to what would come next.

WORKING THE ROOM: Most of the approximately 60 fans in attendance were residents of the community. They brought their beach chairs and coolers, socially distancing under the stars amid a cool breeze. In one memorable bit, Schultz brought the owner of the house that served as host on stage after chiding her for the lack of vigor applied to her Halloween decorations. The good-natured ribbing was well received by both the host and the community, and she walked away with a free Flip Schultz DVD.


THE COMICS’ TABLE: Fresh off a successful feature spot at Thursday’s Biergarten performance, Randy Vega joined the comics for a backstage view of Saturday’s show. …Those wanting to see Shultz perform in person won’t have to wait long. He’s headlining at the Biergarten in Boca Raton on Oct. 29. …Sadman Comedy Productions raffled two tickets to their Nov. 18 show at the Palm Beach Improv headlined by Jimmy Shubert.

ONE LINER: “Flip Schultz crushed it. It was really cool. I enjoyed it a whole lot. I mean, I don’t like being in the ghettos of Boca, but that’s OK, you know.” – Wallace.

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