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Florida’s Funniest Q&A: Dewayne Williams

Orlando area comic Dewayne Williams brings a familiar face to the Florida's Funniest Comedian contest finals.

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WEST PALM BEACH – If Dewayne Williams looks familiar, there’s a pretty good reason.

Along with being a comic, Williams is also an actor and a model. In one of his most recent gigs, Williams landed a spot in last year’s Universal Studios advertising campaign touting its annual passes.

As a result he appeared in print and radio ads, and had his face plastered on billboards throughout the Florida.

“It was overwhelming, to say the least,” Williams said.

Williams may drive by some of those billboards during his Dec. 28 trip to the Palm Beach Improv where he’ll compete in the finals of the Florida’s Funniest Comedian contest.

This is Williams’ second time competing in the competition. In 2019 he reached the semifinals.

He attributes reaching the finals this year to being much more confident on stage.

“I humbly say this, I’m a little bit more aware now that I’m actually pretty funny,” Williams said. “I know I’m not the funniest guy in the world. I know I’m not the best writer in the world. There is always someone better than you. But compared to where I was three years ago, yes I’m better.”

APPLAUSE PLANNER Q&A: Meet Dewayne Williams

APPLAUSE BREAK: Why did you start performing stand-up comedy?
Dewayne Williams: I started performing Stand-up in March 2017. Because nothing made me happier than making people laugh.

AB: Who is your favorite comic and why?
DW: My favorite comedian is Bernie Mac because he was just so raw, unfiltered and unapologetic on that stage. Everything he said was funny to me.

AB: What do you do when you’re not performing stand-up comedy? What is your job and hobby?
DW: When I’m not performing stand up I’m working my two jobs at Universal Studios and Disney. I’m also an actor so I’m doing some kind of audition tape. For hobbies I do quite a few things like writing and doing outdoor things. I love being active.

AB: What’s your pre-show routine?
DW: My pre-show routine is to listen to some rap while simultaneously going over my set. Once I’m at the venue I’ll go by myself and continue that process until it’s time for me to hit the stage.


AB: What can people expect from your Florida’s Funniest finals set? How is it different from your normal headlining set?
DW: People can expect to get my best.

AB: Where do you see your comedy in five years?
DW: In the next five years I see myself touring around the country as a headliner and selling out shows.

AB: Where did you perform in the first round of Florida’s Funniest? What do you remember from that show?
DW: I performed my first round of Florida’s Funniest in Orlando and I remember the room being full of energy and the show being amazing from start to finish.

AB: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you at a show?
DW: The weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me at a show was *zips mouth closed* Haha.

AB: Of the other comics in the finals, who are you most looking forward to seeing perform? Why?
DW: I’m just looking forward to a great show from everyone and hope we all bring our “A” game to give the crowd and show Florida’s got some funny dudes that can get with anybody.

AB: What would winning the Florida’s Funniest Comedian contest mean to you?
DW: It would mean I’ve grown from the last time I did it and just growth as a comic overall. Which is the most important thing to me.

AB: What else should comedy fans know about you?
DW: I like pineapples on my pizza. If you don’t then you’re weird.

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