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Florida’s Funniest Q&A: Nathan Wallace

Nathan Wallace will artempt to become the second consecutive wildcard entrant to win the Florida's Funniest Comedian contest.

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WEST PALM BEACH – Most anyone who’s seen comedian Nathan Wallace perform can attest he’s among the Sunshine State’s best.

That’s why Florida’s Funniest Comedian contest organizer Rene Harte didn’t have any trouble adding Wallace to Wednesday’s finals as a wildcard contestant.

“I really think that he belonged in there,” Harte said.

Adding a wildcard is nothing new for Harte. In 2019, the most recent year of the contest, Cam Bertrand entered the finals as a wildcard. Bertrand walked away with the title.

Wallace also reached the finals that year. This year he advanced from the Dania Improv’s first round and delivered a strong set in the semifinals. Judges that night were split on the night’s five winners, and ultimately elected not to advance Wallace. But Harte understood that Wallace belonged on the finals stage.

“He’s just so likable, his charisma,” Harte said. “He had the crowd from the minute he went up there until the end.”

APPLAUSE PLANNER Q&A: Meet Nathan Wallace

APPLAUSE BREAK: Why did you start performing stand-up comedy?
NATHAN WALLACE: Maybe a midlife crisis? I’m not sure. All I know is when I’m making people laugh I feel like my self more then any other time, the real me ya know?

AB: Who is your favorite comic and why?
NW: Michael McIntyre. I find him up beat and refreshing.

AB: What do you do when you’re not performing stand-up comedy? What is your job and hobby?
NW: Outside of Comedy I can be found hanging with my family doing family type things.

AB: What’s your pre-show routine?
NW: Talking…when I get nervous I talk a lot. So I ramble for awhile then take deep breaths, stretch, try not to pee myself and hit the stage.

AB: Where do you see your comedy in five years?
NW: Newark.

AB: Where did you perform in the first round of Florida’s Funniest? What do you remember from that show?
NW: I performed in Dania. I remember when I pulled up I realized I had been staying two block from the club during Hurricane Ian. Could have been watching comedy.


AB: What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you at a show?
NW: I saw a drunk lady knock out her husband with a right hook. That was pretty wild.

AB: Of the other comics in the finals, who are you most looking forward to seeing perform? Why?
NW: Honestly I’m excited for the whole show. These are the best of Florida and the show’s gonna be fire!

AB: What would winning the Florida’s Funniest Comedian contest mean to you?
NW: It should mean a lot to anyone that wins it. There are so many killers in this state. If you wear that crown, you fought very hard to get there.

AB: What else should comedy fans know about you?
NW: I like Avocado toast.

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