Frequently Asked Questions

by ApplauseBreakAdmin

Why Create Applause Break?
For years we’ve watched Los Angeles and New York suck all the comedic air out of the national room. But times are changing, and Florida – particularly South Florida – is breathing fresh oxygen into the country’s comedy scene. Comedy shows in South Florida pop-up nearly every night. Suddenly national comics who’ve fled the often oppressive scenes in LA and NY pop into those shows, taking the stage to refine their act. Their presence is bringing top comedy shows to Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. Florida is oozing comedy. South Florida is at the forefront of a comedy wave. aims to keep South Florida comedy fans informed, aware, and entertained.

Why Highlight Florida Comedy?
Why not? It’s clearing growing, There’s a ton of fresh talent down here. National acts are relocating to South Florida to escape overly cumbersome big city comedy scenes and the tax implications that accompany them. Comedy is happening in Florida. Funny news is everywhere. We believe Florida comedy is a rising tide that everyone will want to surf.

Does Applause Break Only Cover Top Comedy Shows?
No. We aim to be much more than that. We’re happy that the top comedy shows are finding a receptive audience in South Florida, and we’ll cover them when they happen. But we’re also interested in feature stories about up-and-coming South Florida comics, shows at unusual venues and local comedy in general. South Florida is bursting with fresh comedy. The scene is vibrant. We’ll be here to help show the world.

Does Applause Break Write About All Comedy Shows in South Florida?
We’d like to, but time and distance prevent us from doing so (that’s physics). Do you know of a show we should be covering? Are you interested in covering a comedy event for us? If you have an idea about Florida comedy, send a note to

How Do I Advertise on
Advertising on is a great way to get people to come to your bar, restaurant or comedy show. But you don’t have to be in the entertainment or service industry to benefit from advertising on Applause Break. Readers of Applause Break love to support local comedy and local businesses. More information about advertising on can be found in our media kit (LINK). You can also contact David Sadman at

I’m a South Florida Comic. How do I Get Interviewed?
If you’re good, we’ll find you. Applause Break representatives and contributors are constantly at shows looking for new talent to highlight. Feel free to drop us a line about your show – – but be judicious. Pestering us to write about you or your show won’t increase the chances we cover you. More than likely, it will have the opposite effect.

Does Applause Break Book Comedy Shows in South Florida?
We are not a booking agency – at least not at the moment. We recommend venues looking book comedy shows and comics searching for gigs contact Sadman Comedy Productions ( (LINK). They have proven access to up-and-coming local talent as well as national acts, and book some of the hottest comedy shows in West Palm Beach.

How Do I Know Which Comedy Shows are Coming to My Area?
One of our goals at Applause Break is to connect South Florida comedy fans with local shows. Our Events page (LINK) is constantly updated with new shows. We also frequently highlight shows on our social media (Facebook: @ApplauseBreakComedy, Twitter: @ApplauseBreak, IG:@ApplauseBreakComedy) LINK, so be sure to follow us. And you can also register to receive our free newsletter LINK.

Is Applause Break Looking For Writers to Cover Open Mic Stand-Up Comedy Near Me?
Not really. While we do review comedy shows in South Florida and comedy shows in West Palm Beach, we generally don’t review individual open mics. That being said, we are always interested in talking with contributors interested in writing about top comedy shows and other forms of comedy in South Florida. If you are interested in covering a show or writing a feature about Florida comedy, email us at

Does Applause Break Only Cover Florida Comedy?
Comedy news, comedy features and comedy shows in Florida are the primary focus of Applause Break, but they are not our sole interest. We will write about comedy wherever it happens. Our hub is Delray Beach, Fla., which is why we highlight so many comedy shows in West Palm Beach. We’re always on the lookout for Florida funny news, but we’re also willing to branch out. Have an idea? Email us at

How Do I Become an Contributor?
We are more than happy to accept a little help, especially when it comes to writing features, reviewing shows, photographing shows and videoing shows. Do you have the skills to entertain, inform and amaze? Drop us a note at

How Do I Get My Comedy Event Listed on the Calendar?
At the moment, the best way to get an event on our calendar is to email the name of the event, the performers, the venue and the date to

How Do I Find Open Mic Stand-Up Comedy Near Me?
The best answer is to check out Events page (LINK), where we post the most complete list of South Florida comedy shows. This includes open mic stand-up comedy. “Near me?” you ask. Well that kind of depends on where you live. Check the Events page first. And do it frequently. We’re constantly adding events.

How to I Get My Stand-Up Comedy Video Featured on

We are constantly searching the internet for new stand-up comedy videos and comedy skits. Hopefully we’ll find yours and enjoy it. If you think your stand-up comedy video is worthy of highlighting on, send a note to containing a link to the video. We do not host stand-up comedy videos on our site.

Do You Believe the My Pillow Guy is Evil?

Of course we do. Don’t you? And now he’s finding towels to be defective? Seriously? Why is this guy on our TV every minute of day? There has to be some greater plot. Will he kidnap puppies? Are My Pillows made from coleslaw? Is he aiming to corner the market on coleslaw? None of this can be good for humanity.

Where Does Applause Break Stand on the Censorship of Comics?

Cancel Culture is a plague – perhaps started by the My Pillow guy. At, we view freedom of expression as an essential right. It is, after all, in the Bill of Rights. Successful comics push boundaries. Sometimes they cross lines. Doing so doesn’t make them evil – or even bad people. It’s OK to be offended by what someone says – although that’s happening way too frequently. You can be offended by a statement without censoring a comic, or worse, trying to ruin their lives. Remember, at their heart, comics are not politicians. They are trying to entertain you.

How Many Rodeos has Tom Seleck Been In?

In a popular commercial touting reverse mortgages actor Tom Seleck announces that this is not his first rodeo. That begs the question, how many rodeos did the former Magnum, P.I. participate in? We’ve done a little (OK, zero) research on this and decided the answer is eight. Prove us wrong.