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Over And Over Again

South Florida comics share their thoughts - some of them a little odd - as part of this National Get Over It Day video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Let it go.

That’s the theme of the day.

Obsessing over something? Someone hurt you? Been slighted? Mad at yourself? Today is the day to move on.

March 9, 2022 is National Get Over It Day. In this funny video South Florida comics Nileja, Warren Scott and Gary G-Man Gelman are here to help you – and themselves – get over it. As a special surprise, two United States presidents – one former and one current – are also here to help, courtesy of Josh Rosen and his spot on impressions of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Hopefully this day and this humorous video prove therapeutic.

Get Over It Day was created by Jeff Goldblatt in 2005 after having trouble getting over an ex-girlfriend. Hopefully, he’s now gotten over it – or her.

Other “its” that might be good to get over: job-related politics, actual politics, a family squabble, roommate infighting, a deeply held grudge or even a bad prom date.

Really, let it go. Scientists say letting go of such baggage makes for a happier life. It’s science. And science is never wrong.

Besides, getting over it may keep you from doing something that could land you in prison.

Let the healing begin by enjoying the above video. If you know someone who might benefit from getting over something, feel free to share the video.

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