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South Florida comics examine the true meaning behind Groundhog Day and express their affetion for Punxsutawney Phil in this funny video.

by Chuck king

BOCA RATON – Groundhog Day is one of America’s most famous – and in many places, beloved – traditions.

It’s also one of the greatest movies ever made.

February 2, 2022 is officially Groundhog Day. Earlier today, Punxsutawney Phil – the world’s most famous groundhog – emerged from his lair, saw his shadow, and predicted six more weeks of 2022 winter. Americans groaned.

South Florida comics are mostly fond of Groundhog Day, but not everyone embraces that view. And it turns out, one South Florida comedian doesn’t know the true meaning of Groundhog Day. Still, purveyors of South Florida comedy Nico Bolling, Nadeem Awad, David Sadman, John Loveless, Perry Sak and Mark Christopher were more than happy to help Applause Break celebrate Groundhog Day by lending their voices and opinions to this funny Groundhog Day video, recorded at Rhe Duck Tavern in Boca Raton, Fl.

John Loveless’s answers – let’s just say he needed a little clarification on the meaning of the day – brings about an interesting question: Why should someone from South Florida have any idea what’s happening in Punxsutawney, Penn.? Or even care?

Any child raised in South Florida knows that, by the onset of February, Floridians will experience – at most – six more days of winter.

Another question: How could anyone lacking knowledge regarding the meaning of the actual Groundhog Day make sense of the movie Groundhog Day? Is that context even important for understanding the movie? Maybe not. After all, Bill Murray was great.

Considering all that, maybe Loveless’ ignorance is bliss. Are we as a culture better off waking up once a year to consult a rodent about the weather? (OK, it’s actually part of the squirrel family.)

How often is Punxsutawney Phil accurate? Does that really matter? After all, how often is the local TV weatherman accurate?

Still, keep up the good work, Phil. It’s a good job, if you can get it. And don’t drive angry.

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