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Hail To The Chiefs

South Florida comics and CCW wrestlers honor some leaders, have fun at the expense of others in this funny Presidents Day video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Some have been good. Some not so much.

For many, that classification depends on your political biases. But that’s not the on Monday. Feb. 21, 2022 is the day Americans honor their presidents – all 46 of them. Sure there once were special days for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but now pretty much everyone gets their due. And many Americans – including federal employees – get a day off from work.

South Florida comics seem to like the idea of a day off. And so do some Coastal Championship Wrestling champs. Comedians John Loveless, Perry Sak, Nileja, Freddy Stebbins, and Rodney Badger are joined by CCW belt holders Cha Cha Charlie and Ariel Levy in offering their amusing musings on Presidents Day in this funny video.

Stebbins channels his inner Donald Trump. Barack Obama and Joe Biden (kind of) also get a mention.

As can be expected, the comics aren’t big fans of politicians in general – and they, like the wrestlers – don’t pull their punches. Or pile drivers.

Presidents Day officially dates back to the 1970s. It’s celebrated on the third Monday of February.

How should Americans celebrate presidents and honor our former leaders? Pick an unfamiliar president and learn five new facts about him. Or try to memorize the names of all 45 presidents (Grover Cleveland’s non-consecutive terms are considered separate presidencies, therefore, Biden is considered president No. 45) in the order that they served. Maybe rank your Top 5 presidents based on their accomplishments in office.

When taking to social media use the hashtag #PresidentsDay.

Enjoy this funny Presidents Day video, which provides a Florida perspective.

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