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It’s A Wrap

South Florida comic Carl Rimi, cast and crew complete shooting at the primary location for his movie iPossessed.

by Chuck king

LAKE PLACID – Hugs, high fives and even some tears erupted shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday when co-director Jerry Sommer called a wrap for the shooting at iPossessed’s primary location.

The call was nearly a month in the making.

“I don’t think it’s hit me,” said Carl Rimi, the writer, co-director, co-producer and star of iPossessed, about an hour after that final shot. “It might hit me when I’m at home, like Oh I can’t believe I accomplished that.”

Rimi began shooting at the Lake Placid farmhouse in late April. The house also served as the home for most of the cast and crew, with more than a dozen people strewn around the complex on any given night.

“It was enjoyable to watch the crew come together,” said Gilbert Randall, who rented the farmhouse to Rimi for the shoot. “A lot of them working together for the first time, it’s fun watching them form their bond and make things work and keeping on the schedule.”

The crew shot three scenes on Tuesday (four if you count an outtake of the cast holding an intriguing barn dance), the last two featuring South Florida comic – and iPossessed executive producer – Warren Scott. He plays a real estate agent in the film.

“It was an exciting 24 days of shooting,” Sommer said. “We were here for about a month on location. It was an awesome experience to be in one location with the crew, with the cast. It was amazing.”

Shooting at the farmhouse is complete, but there are still two more scenes that need to be recorded.

One will occur in Port St. Lucie, likely in mid-June. Rimi and Sommer have yet to choose the site for the second scene.

“It’s a wrap for the house, which is bittersweet,” Rimi said. “It’s not a wrap for this film.”

Sommer and Rimi will begin the editing process shortly. There is not yet a timetable for the movie’s release.

In the meantime Rimi expects to return to performing his stand-up act.

He’s booked to perform in Tampa near the end of June, but doesn’t have any shows lined up for South Florida at the moment.

“I’m still in movie mode, but yeah, I’ll get the itch back,” Rimi said. “I’m not in any hurry as far as my mindset goes. I’m still living this dream out. I like doing stand-up but I wish I could be doing this more.”

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