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Laughter Is Fundamental

Pat McGann headlining Delray Beach Library's Laugh at the Library event aimed at raising $100,000/

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Along with being the best medicine, laughter is a pretty good fundraiser.

That’s what the Delray Beach Public Library is banking on by bringing Pat McGann to town on Friday night as the headliner for its yearly Laugh at the Library event.

The 15th mostly annual installment of the Laugh at the Library fundraiser – the event didn’t happen in 2021 amid the COVID pandemic – will be held in the main ballroom of the Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort, which seats about 300 people.

“We’re really trying to create that vibe like you are in an upscale comedy club in New York,” Delray library development director Kae Jonsons said

Really upscale. Ticker prices start at $450.

The goal is to raise $100,000 that will go toward library supplies.

“The cost of library materials has escalated greatly over the last couple years,” Jonsons said.

To help raise that money the library turned to McGann.

Currently on tour with one of stand-up comedy’s hottest performers, Sebastian Maniscalco, McGann has appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Late Show with David Letterman.

A husband and the father of three children, McGann didn’t even take up comedy until after turning 31.

Why is McGann the comic for this job?

“I think he’s really relatable,” Jonsons said. “If you know about Patrick McGann he’s a guy’s guy. Who got married a little bit later in life and now suddenly finds himself as a soccer dad. He talks a lot about his real life experiences – adapting to fatherhood after being a guy about town. And adapting to the craziness of life as it is. I think that’s very relatable for a lot of the people who are in our audience who may have been young and wild and ran around New York, and ran around Boston, but now find themselves going to the soccer league on Saturday in Delray Beach.”


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