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Medina’s Movie Magic

Joey Medina discussed his forthcoming movie, The Beautiful Violence, prior to headlining at the Wine House Social.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Joey Medina entered the Wine House Social on Tuesday night with a movie on his mind.

His movie.

Medina wrote, directed and produced The Beautiful Violence, which is currently in post production. Prior to taking the stage as the night’s headliner, Medina checked his phone several times to view the latest edits.

The short film, which Medina is submitting to numberous festivals, is decidedly not a comedy.

“A Caucasian business man uses racism to get an African-American man to kill him so that his family will get the insurance money,” Medina said, summarizing the plot.

Noting that HBO and Netflix are showing more short films, Medina hopes the film eventually gets picked up by one of those two services. In the meantime, he’ll gladly share it with anyone interested in watching it.

“If you hit me up on social media – my Instagram or my Facebook – I will send you a link to see the film,” Medina said.

Based in Los Angeles, Medina is currently in the midst of a Florida tour that began and will end in the Keys.

He’ll perform again at Tavolino on Wednesday and at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce on Saturday.

Tuesday marked his first time performing in Delray.

“I like this town,” Medina said. “This town feels like it’s fun. This venue is great, because I’m a big wino. I love wine. This is a place that I would come to and hang out if I lived here.”

Applause Break-Down

David Sadman (Host)
Max Haubenstock
John Loveless
Nadeem Awad (Feature)
Zach McGovern (Feature)
Joey Medina (Headliner)


Wine House Social (Aug. 10, 2021) – The Wine House’s intimate setting impressed the comics. The staff re-arranged the couches and comfortable chairs to form stadium seating in front of the stage. An enthusiastic crowd of about 50 attended the free show.

Joey Medina’s reasoning for wanting his girlfriend to work at a 99 cent store as opposed to Nordstrom actually made plenty of sense – and the audience found it hilarious.

Zach McGovern drunkenly mistaking a car dealership for a restaurant is a great bit. …Nadeem Awad quickly turned last week’s adventures on Spirit airlines into a successful bit. …John Loveless is paying attention to the second coming of the COVID pandemic because Florida is actually participating this time. …Max Haubenstock’s history lesson detailing advances in condom purchases was both educational and entertaining. …David Sadman has found another use for his face mask.

Medina had some fun with a woman in the front row who sells forklifts. He may now be in the market for one.

Flip Schultz is back in South Florida – but only for a couple more days. He stopped by the Wine House Social to catch the show. …Awad and Sadman are performing on Thursday at Boca Raton’s Biergarten, with Matt Bellak and Tim Hanlon co-headlining. McGovern returned to New York on Wednesday but will be back in South Florida at the end of the month for several shows.

“I’m glad comedy is coming back. I’m glad people are coming out. My bill collectors are glad that’s happening, too, because I can finally start paying my bills.” – Joey Medina

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