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NADEEM AWAD VIDEO: The 75 Percent Rule

South Florida comedian Nadeem Awad humorously explains his 75 percent rule of joke writing in this video recorded at the Dania Improv.

by Chuck king

DANIA BEACH – It’s not a philosophy most comics could adopt, but the 75 percent rule works for Nadeem Awad.

Truth be told, the approach isn’t exactly intentional.

During his March 8 headlining set at the Dania Improv, Awad quipped that he likes to leave his jokes 75 percent complete, leaving room to navigate through and adapt to audience reaction.

While there is some truth to the comment, there’s a little more to the philosophy.

Awad made the comment after one of his jokes didn’t get the reaction he’d have liked.

The off-the-cuff comment landed better than the joke which preceded it, eliciting rounds of laughter from the crowd.

That’s one of Awad’s great strength’s. His likability on stage allows Awad to immediately turn a joke that didn’t land into the premise for follow-up joke. When he does it like he did in the above video clip, the transition appears seamless and the audience is back on his side.

South Florida comedy fans have three chances to catch Awad in the coming days. On Sunday, April 9 he’ll headline the weekly show at Monroe’s Red Light in West Palm Beach. On Wednesday he’ll feature for Gene Harding at the Turtle Tavern in Delray Beach. The following night Awad will feature for Harding again, this time at the Biergarten in Boca Raton.

The latter two shows are Sadman Comedy Productions.

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