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VIDEO: Online Dating Strategies

Comic Zach McGovern has some unique approaches to online dating. He details them in this brief stand-up comedy video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Th New York City comedy scene is reopening, but not as quickly as Zach McGovern would like.

That has McGovern, who lives in New York but frequently visits South Florida, considering spending more time in the Sunshine State.

“It’s completely open but the comedy is much more condensed,” McGovern said of the New York scene. “The clubs are using less people.”

That’s created a glut of comics searching for stages.

“Everyone’s so eager to get back on stage,” McGovern said. “They are starting independent shows. They are starting bar shows. The clubs are doing a lot of shows, but it’s a little harder to get work at the clubs.”

The South Florida comedy scene, essentially open for the past year, offers many more opportunities for comics to perform.

With his permission, Applause Break recorded McGovern’s set at Delray Beach’s Wine House Social in early August, shortly before he returned to York.

McGovern featured for Joey Medina that night, and had the intimate audience howling throughout his 15 minute set.

In the video above, McGovern discusses his approaches to various online dating services – including a couple unexpected dating sites.

McGovern returns to South Florida this week, and South Florida comedy fans will have at least three chances to catch his act.

On Thursday he’ll be part of the Sadman Comedy Productions’ Boca Bier-Bash showcase at the Biergarten in Boca Raton. The following night he’ll feature for Flip Schultz at Gatsby’s in Fort Lauderdale.

And on Monday, which is also his birthday, McGovern will perform as part of the show at Delray Beach’s Tin Roof. Raise a drink and help him add another candle to the cake.

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