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Patterson’s Dysfunctional Pick-Line Slays

Asked to deliver his best pick-up line, South Florida comedian Jim Patterson killed with one of the most unexpected pick-up lines ever.

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WEST PALM BEACH – Jim Patterson didn’t win last week’s March MadNuts comedy contest at the Palm Beach Improv, but he did deliver the line of the night.

After falling to eventual contest winner Kyle Dahl in the tournament’s opening round, Patterson became one of seven contestants in a pool looking for a wildcard advancement.

Contest producer Ramon Garcia brought all seven back to the stage at once, then brought a single female out of the crowd, sitting her in a chair at the front of the stage.

Garcia then tasked the comedians with wooing the young woman.

First they had to dance for her. Next, they were given 10 seconds to deliver their best pickup line.

The 75-year-old Patterson went last, and his pick-up line – which would probably never work in real life – absolutely crushed. Rather than spoiling it with words, watch the above video.

“It just came up to me as I walked up,” Patterson said. “I didn’t really have any plan.”

The line drew from a bit in Patterson’s regular act in which he surmises that a surprising amount of women would actually be happier if their husbands had erectile dysfunction.

Patterson’s pick-up line came out of nowhere, and everyone responded.

Alas, the young woman didn’t pick Patterson to advance, ending his contest.

“It was a fun night,” Patterson said. “What I liked about it was, everything was quick, quick, quick.”

In the opening rounds contestants pitted in head-to-head competition were given one minute to impress the audience, which then voted via applause on the winner.


Patterson elected to hold his best jokes for later rounds.

“I should have just used the best material first,” he said.

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