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Perry Sak: Roughing It In Boca Raton Jail

South Florida comedian turns a rough night in Boca Raton, Florida, into one of his funniest bits. Watch the video and learn the backstory here.

by Chuck king

BOCA RATON – Peeing in a parking lot landed comedian Perry Sak in jail, providing the inspiration for one of his most recognizable bits.

Two decades ago a cop discovered Sak relieving himself in the parking lot after a night of partying at Club Boca.

Ritzy Boca Raton being nothing to pee on, the officer arrested Sak.

“They didn’t even have a jail,” Sak recalls. “They brought me to the West Palm Beach jail on Gun Club Road.”

Now, it should be noted that by virtue of its location on the west side of Military Trail, Club Boca didn’t reside within Boca Raton city limits. Sak’s arrest came at the hands of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office. Had a Boca Raton police officer arrested Sak, he would have been transported to a holding cell in Boca before ultimately landing at Gun Club for the night.

Still, Sak hit on something when he started wondering about a potential Boca Raton jail.

Being arrested was nothing new to Sak. It marked his seventh – and, to this point, final – trip to the pokey for minor offenses that included swimming in a reservoir.

Aside from an uncomfortable night, the charges didn’t amount to much.

“Of course the judge laughed at the prosecutor and said, ‘Do you really want to prosecute this?’” Sak said. “The prosecutor said, ‘No.’”

In the days that followed Sak couldn’t get the concept of a posh Boca Raton jail cell off his mind.

The more he thought about it, the funnier the scenario became. He eventually shared a rough outline of a bit with a bartender at Fort Lauderdale’s New York Comedy Club.

“He said, ‘Dude, I think it’s funny as hell. You’ve got to work on that,” Sak recalled.


Some 20 years later, the events of that crazy night at Club Boca blossomed into one of Sak’s most recognizable bits.

The performance in the above video took place in March of 2023 at the Movies of Delray during a Sadman Comedy Productions show with other video elements generated by artificial intelligence.

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