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Podcast Profile: Dope City Broadcasting

Matt Bellak and Tim Hanlon's Dope City Comedy Tour is performing at the Palm Beach Improv on Thursday. Their podcast offers insight into the kind of show they produce.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Matt Bellak readily concedes that the Dope City Broadcast isn’t exactly what he intended.

As everyone knows by now, COVID happens.

Comics Bellak and co-host Tim Hanlon initially created the podcast as a sort of comedy-travel show in which the duo interviewed comics whose hometowns appeared on the the upcoming Dope City Comedy Tour schedule.

The goal was to learn what makes each city dope (yes, the podcast name is a double entendre).

Show preparation for this week should have been easy. Bellak, who now lives in Los Angeles, got his comedic start in South Florida. Hanlon and Bellak’s Dope City Comedy Tour appears Thursday, Jan. 14, at the Palm Beach Improv.

“It’s a good time,” Bellak said of the Dope City Comedy Tour performances. “It’s not political at all. It’s not serious. It’s just a good time. It’s a goofy comedy show.”

While the duo is performing live, somewhat surprising COVID still managed to wreak havoc with their podcast.

After a successful podcast launch, COVID made touring more difficult, made fellow comics more hesitant to appear in person for recordings, and ultimately prompted the closing of the studio that recorded the podcast.

Undeterred, Bellak and Hanlon are pressing on. The duo is actively searching for a new studio. They have some unreleased Dope City Broadcast episodes they’re considering making public.

ApplauseBreak.com is highlighting the Dope City Broadcast in our Podcast Profile for a couple reasons. First, it’s entertaining. The most recent episodes morphed into Bellak and Hanlon discussing day-to-day life.

Second, even though the most recent episode dropped in December hearing it now gives listeners some insight into what they will see at a live show.

Give it a listen. Like what you hear? See you at the Improv on Thursday.


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