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Podcast Profile: Stand Up Radio Guy

Mike Panzeca and Al Romero draw on their vast comedic experiences to talk with other comics about the business of comedy.

by Chuck king

What Michael Panzeca is doing on any given day is anyone’s guess.

One day he’ll be counseling patients recovering from drug and alcohol abuse, then next he’ll be hosting a motivational seminar for a Fortune 500 company.

He teaches comedy, and he talks comedy.

Which brings us to the Stand Up Radio Guy podcast, which Panzeca co-hosts with Al Romero. Panzeca draws on his various experiences to discuss just about anything, but his passion is talking comedy.

Originally from Cincinnati, Panzeca now resides in South Florida and is a veteran of the cruise ship scene.

On Stand Up Radio Guy, Panzeca and Romero interview some of the top touring comics in the nation, with a focus on “the comedy business and the business of comedy.”

The duo recently completed episode No. 20, which featured South Florida comic Brian Regan explaining the odd circumstances that gave him his first break and how he converted that break into a full time comedy career.

Previous podcast guests included Jim Florentine, Carl Guerra and Carl Rimi.

The podcast is picking up steam. Applause Break encourages South Florida comedy fans to give it a listen.

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