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Right Place, Right Time

Tim Hanlon didn't plan on performing at Tuesday Night's Wine House Social Show, but when the opening presented itself, he took advantage and crushed.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Tim Hanlon proved once again that good things often happen to those who simply show up at South Florida comedy shows.

Hanlon participated in Tuesday’s open mic at Delray Beach’s Arts Garage before walking one block north to poke his head into the Brew House Social show. He arrived before the show’s start and only planned to stay for a few minutes, showing support for the return of comedy to the wine bar, before heading to a second open mic in Lake Worth.

Instead, he received a better offer.

With two unexpected open slots for the night’s show, producer Nadeem Awad offered Hanlon the opportunity to close the show.

Hanlon jumped at the opportunity, and his 20-minute set capped a highly successful night.

“This was as good as a local, small independent show can be,” Hanlon said. “It was fantastic.”

Awad had planned on closing the show, but gladly ceded the spot to Hanlon, who tours nationally with Matt Bellak as part of the Dope City Tour.

Approximately 50 people packed the cozy Wine House Social, and most were still in attendance when Hanlon stepped to the mic.

“Everyone was paying attention,” Hanlon said. “The room was seated right. It had a spotlight. It had good sound. The host kept the show going. It had everything you’d want for a good show.”

David Sadman of Sadman Comedy Productions hosted the night. Chad Ridgely, Steve Lamm (and his ukulele), Dan Long and Zach Bugarin followed, setting up Awad and Hanlon.

“I thought (Hanlon) was really good, and Nadeem, and I loved the guy with the ukulele,” Wine House Social owner Dina Branham said.

Wine House Social is normally only open Thursday though Saturday, but Branham made an exception for Awad’s show.

“We’re just a very chill, low-key wine bar,” Branham said. “Other than having some music on a Saturday night, we really don’t do events like this normally. It’s a nice change. I would definitely like to do it again.”


VENUE: Wine House Social, Delray Beach – July 6, 2021

David Sadman (Host)
Chad Ridgely
Steve Lamm
Zach Bugarin
Dan Long
Nadeem Awad
Tim Hanlon

Hanlon’s bit about trying to turn his daughter into a lesbian had the entire room rolling. His reasoning actually has merit.

Awad’s Lake Worth bit hit hard as his closer in the wine room. …When Long caught COVID, he tried everything he could think of to get rid of the virus. It’s hard to believe some of the remedies had little-to-no impact. …Bugarin doesn’t believe Asheville, N.C. lives up to all its progressive hype. …Lanm strummed his way through another strong set, his musings captivating the audience. …Ridgely may have deciphered the code that old folks use when blowing their car horns in traffic. …Sadman’s “raising whores” joke prompted callbacks from several of the night’s comics.

A plethora of comics not on the bill attended the show, supporting the return of comedy to the venue formerly known as N2 Wine Bar. The group included Jim Patterson, Fasil Malik, Rebecca Loveless, Jesse Cohen, Matt Ross, Danny Fallon and Seetharaman Radhakrishan. …Hanlon headlines the Box 2.0 on Saturday, and is preparing to take the Dope City Tour to the Dallas area, then Arizona and Chicago in the coming weeks. …Dan Long is bringing the Down and Dirty at 10:30 show to the Miami Improv on July 22. Minda, Mike Cintron. Willonius Hatcher and Sean Grant are also scheduled to perform. …Bugarin is performing as part of the July 14 show at Tavolino Della Notte that’s headlined by Flip Schultz.

“Tonight was a lot of fun. It’s a great room. The new owners did a great job. This is my first time being here since N2. It’s really nice. A great place for comedy, that’s for sure.” – Zach Bugarin

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