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Saturday is National Moldy Cheese Day. Let the South Florida comics in this funny video offer some ideas for the celebration.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – The calendar is full of days honoring odd items. Saturday is one of the oddest.

Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021 is National Moldy Cheese Day.

Turns out, South Florida comics are all too familiar with moldy cheese. Comics Nik Macik, Stephanie Wood, Lalo Rodriguez, Jamie Blanchard, Jay Guy, Zach Bugarin and Tim Hanlon give their thoughts on National Moldy Cheese Day in the above funny video.

Macik and Wood may actually be on to something with their plans for the day. After the creation of this video, Applause Break has vowed to never eat food served by Rodriquez.

As National Day Calendar notes, “Some cheese molds, red or brown-tinged molds, for example, are offensive. Toss those bacteria-contaminated moldy cheeses in the garbage quickly and move along to the grey, blue, or green colored moldy cheeses in the fridge instead.”

Maytag blue, Roquefort, camembert, gorgonzola, and Stilton are examples of some of the finest moldy cheeses. To celebrate #MoldyCheeseDay, simply head to any supermarket and grab one of those cheeses.

Some, like Rodriguez, might consider cleaning their refrigerators to see if they can find some of the bad types of moldy cheese.

Not interested in National Moldy Cheese Day. Well, there are many other reasons to celebrate on Saturday. For starters, it’s National Leif Erikson Day – so go ahead and dress up like a Viking and explore things. It’s also National Chess Day, National Costume Swap Day, National Motorcycle Ride Day, and I Love Yarn Day. Have fun with that one.

At Applause Break, we’ll stick with the cheese. Now it’s picture time. Say, “Moldy Cheese!”

Segments for the above video were shot in Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Dania Beach and Pompano Beach.

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