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South Florida comics Matt Ross and Danny Fallon take their popular Do Teenagers Yell? podcast to YouTube.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Danny Fallon and Matt Ross want listeners to be able to see their podcast.

Beginning on Monday, the South Florida comics’ Do Teenagers Yell? podcast is now viewable on YouTube.

“After talking to some of the people who listen to the podcast and talking to people who take in podcasts in general we thought it might help people who are more visual to tune in,” Ross said. “Whenever I am watching a podcast it’s easier for me to pay attention, easier to make me feel like I know the people more.”

Fallon and Ross began producing the podcast about one year ago – shortly after the pandemic began and not long after Fallon moved to a residence down the street from Ross.

Sometimes they produced the podcast weekly, other times monthly.

They ultimately settled – at least for now – on twice monthly.

“I think that it’s going to be cool for people to see,” Fallon said. “We’ve gotten a lot of really positive feedback recently which has really inspired me to keep going with it.”

As listeners (and now viewers) might expect from two comics, the podcast offers a heavy dose of comedy. But that’s not all.

With both Ross and Fallon having undergone substance abuse rehabilitation, sobriety is a frequent topic.

When the duo strays from comedy or sobriety, the conversations often travel into general life philosophy.

“I think the whole idea of me and Danny doing a podcast is that we have more to offer than just jokes and bits,” Moss said. “I think the life experience that me and Danny have in our past and now can provide unique insight on life.”

While it doesn’t happen every episode, Fallon and Ross frequently invite guests to join them on the podcast – usually fellow comics.


Alex Morrison joins them on their latest edition.

Prior to launching the podcast, Fallon and Ross created a short sketch that spoofed podcasts.

Part of that sketch referenced a fictional podcast entitled Do Teenagers Yell? When creating their current podcast, the duo decided to make what was once a fictional podcast a reality.

“It’s kind of on-brand for absurdity and internet humor,” Fallon explained.

Aside from YouTube, Do Teenagers Yell? can also be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Fans can catch Fallon’s act in person when he headlines at Gatsby’s in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday. That same night Ross is in Coral Springs featuring for Jimmy Shubert at Tavolinos.

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