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Comic John Loveless has a little fun with South Florida drivers' aversion to turn signals in this stand-up comedy video presented by Applause Break.

by Chuck king

WEST PALM BEACH – Turn signals and COVID masks don’t seem naturally linked.

Unless the listener is from Florida. Then it makes perfect sense.

Especially after listening to John Loveless explain why.

One of South Florida’s most promising young comics, Loveless combines the two topics flawlessly in this video clip. Turns out, Loveless is comfortably ambivalent about whether everyone actually uses their turn signals.

“I’m a fan for me to use them to let people behind me know what I’m doing,” Loveless said. “If people in front of me don’t use them it’s fun to see them hit each other. I feel like people forget that they even have a turn signal.”

The use – or lack of their of – of turn signals is a common complaint among South Florida drivers. That doesn’t soften the impact of the bit.

“It definitely makes the joke hit harder down here,” Loveless said. “It’s something you hear from everybody who lives here.”

This is the second video from Loveless’ Melody Ave. recording to be featured on ApplauseBreak.com. In April, Applause Break brought South Florida comedy fans Loveless’ observations as to why doing laundry is racist.

In recent months Loveless has been part of the Dirty Laundry Comedy Tour, touring Florida along with Rodney Badger, Sean Mullins and Drew Illa.

On Wednesday night this version of the tour concludes with a show at the Palm Beach Improv – a show highlighted in the “Plan On It” section of Mondays’ Applause Planner. The show begins at 8 p.m., with tickets costing $10.

“We’ve been doing a bunch of big shows,” Loveless said. “It feels like this is the biggest show yet for us.”

Mike Cintron is hosting Wednesday’s show.

New out-of-state shows for the Dirty Laundry Comedy Tour are currently in the planning stages.

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