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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: Bargatze In His Prime

Stand-Up comedian Nate Bargatze takes his talents from Netflix to Amazon Prime; new comedy special recieves positive reviews.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Nate Bargatze recently made a noteworthy choice – then made a notable special.

After creating several comedy specials for Netflix, Bargatze made the jump to Amazon Prime. His first special, “Hello World,” debuted on Amazon Prime earlier this week.

Bargatze works clean, so his specials can be enjoyed by the entire family. Today’s Stand-Up Spotlight offers a couple of stories about Bargatze’s move to Amazon Prime and the special itself.

Also in today’s Spotlight Dave Chappelle discusses the protesters who still appear at his shows, and Kuang Lee details how stand-up comedy helped him escape depression and overcome cultural biases.

The weekend is almost here. Let’s make it a funny one.


Nate Bargatze: Hello World Review – a fun special for the whole family

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Nate Bargatze broke into the stand-up comedy world in Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour in 2013. Since then, he has had several stand-up specials on Netflix and Comedy Central. He comes to Prime Video with his full-hour special titled Nate Bargatze: Hello World. Bargatze is one of my favorite comedians. Does his latest special live up to the hype? Let’s dive in.

The special opens with Bargatze walking through the halls, giving some high fives and daps to people as Twenty One Pilots’ song “Good Day” plays in the backdrop. The entire little montage ends with him kissing his wife and his daughter announcing him to the stage—what an adorable moment and sweet way to open his special.

Comedian Nate Bargatze Is ‘Just the Right Amount of Dumb’

On this bonus episode of The Last Laugh podcast, Bargatze talks about making the jump from Netflix to Amazon for his latest special Hello World, which premiered on Jan. 31 and finds him grappling with the everyday challenges of parenthood and middle age as only he can. We also get into the pros and cons of being a “clean” comedian, the one joke that caused a sex worker to call him out for being insensitive, and his biggest comedy goals moving forward.


Dave Chappelle Explains What Bothers Him About People Protesting His Comedy

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:While Dave Chappelle has always sought to push boundaries when it comes to his brand of comedy, he’s found himself on the receiving end of significant backlash for much of his material as of late. The comic has specifically been chastised for jokes made at the expense of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly transgender individuals. As a result, many have opted to protest many of his recent shows. Chappelle himself is aware of the response to his sentiments and is now opening up about what specifically bothers him about people’s decision to deride his work.

Adventures at the Clown Palace: Stand-up comedy helped me confront my depression and cultural taboos

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:The showrunner didn’t respond to me at first. Then, finally, he spoke. “You can take your stuff out of this office tonight. You can use my parking space if you want.”

His eyes weren’t even angry, just unemotional. My boss went back to his managerial duties. Perhaps he was going to look over an edit of Episode 108. Perhaps he was going to write the new season’s arc. I didn’t know. But my firing was just a quick part of his day, a checklist to finish before he moved on to other work. I took my “Empire Strikes Back” poster and some sundry supplies out of the office. My days as a professional screenwriter were done.

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