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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: A Backstage Look

New series "You're Up" takes viewers behind the scenes at a comedy club, interesting comedic meetings and more in today's Stand-Up Spotlight.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – There’s nothing quite like a peek behind the curtain.

A new web series called “You’re Up” takes viewers backstage at Stand Up New York to view what life is like for some up-and-coming comics.

While it’s not always pretty, it can be entertaining – and informational.

Comedians launching there careers will walk away from the show with a feeling of how the business works – and what not to do. Veteran comics may experience a bit of nostalgia for their early years.

“You’re Up” features interviews with several comics in various stages of professional development, as well a look into their lives offstage. It appears on YouTube. So give it a look.

Also in today’s Stand-Up Spotlight, there’s Eddie Murphy talking about Rodney Dangerfield, Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman) helping Phil Hartman land a job on Saturday Night Live, a new award show honoring black comedians, and Craig Ferguson shopping another late night talk show.

The latter begs the questions: “How many late night talk shows is too many?” Feels like if we’re not there already, we’ll get there soon.

Enjoy the stories. Then get out there and keep it funny.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT – Jan. 18, 2023

Digital Comedy Series “You’re Up” Offers Unrestrained and Humorously Intimate Backstage/Onstage Glimpse Into the Lives & Careers of Stand-Up’s Most Promising Rising Stars

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:(NEW YORK, NY) — YOU’RE UP,an engaging and hilarious new short-form digital web series from Unhinged Entertainment, captures comedy’s most promising rising stars onstage in midst of their acts, and backstage as they openly discuss the challenges, chaos and complexity of their personal lives and the very unusual experiences that fuel their often way-too-revealing standup material.

Eddie Murphy Shares His First Encounter With Comedy Legend Rodney Dangerfield


STAND-UP RUNDOWN:In the laid-back interview, Murphy and Collider’s own Steve Weintraub talked about the comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield, which ended up seeing the conversation head in a whole new direction. The comedian and Beverly Hills Cop star decided to tell a Rodney Dangerfield story from when he was a teenager and was just getting started as a stand-up comedian. He also revealed how their first encounter became a joke whose punchline only came years later:

How Paul Reubens Helped Phil Hartman Land His Spot On Saturday Night Live

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:A fellow member of the L.A.-based Groundlings comedy sketch troupe when Reubens joined in the 1970s, Hartman (who joined the improv team in 1975) quickly hit it off with him. When the beginnings of an obnoxious character, inept at stand-up comedy, began to germinate in Reubens’ mind, it was Hartman who helped him develop the character into the bowtie-wearing nerdball Pee-wee Herman. The two would co-pen “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” together along with “The Big Picture” co-writer Michael Varhol, using Syd Field’s revered “Screenplay” book as a writing guide. The film would go on to become a lasting hit beyond its 1985 release and, alongside the success of “Beetlejuice,” provided the springboard from which director Tim Burton would leap onto Warner Bros.’ “Batman.”

First Comedy Awards show in nearly 20 years celebrates trailblazing legends and visionary emerging stars influencing Black Culture in comedy

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Humor Mill, the leading digital entertainment company for comedy news, announces the launch of its inaugural awards show dedicated to recognizing comics of the past, present and future on Tuesday, February 21 at The Directors Guild of America (DGA). The Humor Mill Comedy Awards is set to roll out a star-studded line-up of comedic co-hosts including BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood Executive Producer Chris Spencer and Detroit Comedian Tony T. Roberts. The unforgettable night will feature thrilling behind-the-scenes footage from social media correspondent Juhahn Jones, special tributes, surprise moments, and non-stop laughter for a celebratory night of acknowledging comedians across television, film and digital platforms.

Syndicated Late-Night Talk Show With Craig Ferguson Shopped By Sony Pictures TV For Fall 2023

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Sony Pictures Television is plotting a return to the syndicated talk show arena with a half-hour late-night strip hosted by Craig Ferguson. Produced by Whisper North, a division of SPT-backed production company Whisper, Channel Surf with Craig Ferguson shot a pilot in the UK earlier this month and is being taken out to potential buyers by distributor SPT this week in Los Angeles.


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