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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: Comic Runs For Toronto Mayor

Stand-up comedian Ben Bankas announces he's running for Mayor of Toronto on "anti-woke platform" in order to "make this city fun again."

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Politics is a fruitful field cultivated by comedians.

Occasionally the reverse is true.

Former Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken became a senator from Minnesota. Current Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a former stand-up comedian and actor. Canada may be next.

On Tuesday Canadian stand-up comedian Ben Bankas formally announced his candidacy to become Toronto’s mayor, running on what he calling an “anti-woke” platform.

“We want to make this city fun again,” Bankas. said.

Applause Break isn’t certain whether this is a serious campaign or simply a publicity stunt designed to boost Bankas’ profile and sell tickets – and frankly we don’t care. The campaign rallies should be fun, and the debates even funnier. We’ll keep comedy fans updated on this election.

Today’s spotlight also includes a feature on Jessi Klein, voice of Jessi Glaser on Netflix’s “Big Mouth;” a comedian working to improve emotional intelligence and comedian Mo Gilligan’s new spotlight show on Audible.

It’s all about the mid-week funny, folks.

Stand-Up Spotlight – March 15, 2023

Ben Bankas For Toronto Mayor Gaining Momentum As He Formally Announces That He Is In The Race

TORONTO, March 14, 2023 – Ben Bankas is Canada’s fastest rising comedy star and he’s also running for Mayor of Toronto. With over 66k followers on Instagram, Bankas is probably the only candidate worth talking about. “We are running on an anti-woke platform. We want to make this city fun again.” Says Bankas, who grew up in The Annex. Bankas is currently on tour across the country performing stand up comedy for sold out audiences from Victoria to Montreal this spring with new dates being added every week.

How Writer and Comedian Jessi Klein Gets It Done


STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Jessi Klein is a writer, actor, and stand-up comedian best known as the voice of the sardonic, hormonal Jessi Glaser on Netflix’s Big Mouth. She got her start as a development assistant at Comedy Central during the heyday of South Park. From there, she started doing stand-up and writing on comedy shows, eventually landing at Inside Amy Schumer, where, as head writer, she won a Primetime Emmy in 2015. Around the same time, Klein also welcomed a child — which is the main focus of her second essay collection, I’ll Show Myself Out. The book came out last spring, the same week that Klein celebrated the release of the Showtime comedy I Love That for You, which she wrote for and produced.

Klein lives in L.A. with her 7-year-old son. Here’s how she gets it done.

Education Of Emotional Intelligence Proving To Be More Intentional Than Improv

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:The average person spends 90,000 hours at work throughout their life, equating to roughly one-third of their entire existence. With such considerable time dedicated to one’s job, it’s unsurprising that people are looking for more out of their careers. Data suggest that individuals are not only opting for jobs that pay well and offer flexibility but also opportunities that fulfill their purpose and allow them to impact the world positively.

Mo Gilligan to launch stand-up showcase on Audible

AudibleSTAND-UP RUNDOWN: will publish Mo Gilligan’s Spotlight, a new six-part stand-up comedy series.

Producers explain: “Recorded at iconic South London venue, Up the Creek Comedy Club, the six-episode series has been specially curated by Mo himself to showcase the currently under-represented and exceptional talent that British comedy has to offer, featuring headline names such as Eddie Kadi, Thanyia Moore and Kae Kurd.

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