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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: A Fate Worse Than Canceled?

Were the good ole' days of comedy really that much better than our current cancel culture state? A USC panel examines that and more.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Modern comedians often long for the pre-cancel culture days when they could joke about whatever topic they wished without feel of repercussion.

And Applause Break dedicated several stories and round-ups to comedians’ fear of being cancelled.

But as is often the case, longing for the gold ole’ days often distorts the times being praised.

A recent panel at the USC School of Dramatic Arts discussing stand-up comedy, cancel culture, and free speech, rightly reminds that previous generations of stand-up comedians faced issues of their own. Lenny Bruce, for example, was arrested for “indecent” comedy. Black comedians were denied stages based on race. George Carlin almost certainly has a file in FBI headquarters.

The recap from USC’s event below is worth reading. Applause Break is firmly against cancel culture, but we are guilty of longing for days gone by without proper context.

Today’s Stand-Up Spotlight includes news of a new Netflix special from John Mulaney. And with the weekend almost here, there’s also a couple of stories about potential comedy viewing choices for your days off.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Green beer isn’t funny. Be the funny.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT – March 17, 2023

Making sense of censorship, freedom of speech and ‘cancel culture’ in stand-up comedy

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Stand-up comedy might be small in scope — a cast of one plus a microphone — but it’s wielded formidable influence over the years.

From Bert Williams, who paved the way for Black comedians, to George Carlin’s countercultural commentary to pioneering women like Joan Rivers’, stand-up comedians have often served as bellwethers for societal change.

Nowadays, stand-up frequently makes the news as a central discussion point in concerns over tolerating offensive opinions, “cancel culture” and freedom of speech. A recent Dornsife Dialogues event featuring USC scholars and hosted by Kristin Eggers, assistant professor of theatre practice in comedy performance at the USC School of Dramatic Arts, dove into the heart of the matter.


New John Mulaney Stand-Up Special Coming To Netflix In April

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:John Mulaney, tall child, is headed back to Netflix. The comedian will return to the streamer next month with a brand new stand-up special titled “John Mulaney: Baby J.” Mulaney has a well-established relationship with Netflix, having headlined two other stand-up specials there — “The Comeback Kid” in 2015 and “Kid Gorgeous” in 2018. He also appeared in the hilarious, weird, very silly special “John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch” in 2019 — the same special that gave us the gift of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mr. Music.

Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle’ On Netflix, Detailing How The Machine Became The Baby Walrus

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Bert Kreischer has convinced Mark Hamill to play his father in the upcoming movie based on the comedian’s most infamous story: “The Machine.” Now at 50, it appears Kreischer’s own daughters don’t view him as much of a machine, or even as Darth Vader, but rather as “Baby Walrus.” Not that that would ever stop him from trying to impress them, both because of and despite his own self-acknowledged limitations. After all, who doesn’t like self-deprecating jokes about one’s excessive physical weight and lack of intellectual weight?

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