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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: Rogan’s Cancel-Free Club

Joe Rogan's Comedy Mothership comedy club promises to be a force against cancel culture, opens to rave reviews.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Joe Rogan continues to follow his instincts, and the world of stand-up comedy is better for him doing so.

Recently Rogan opened comedy club Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas, billing it as a venue where comics don’t have to fear being cancelled.

Rogan built a podcasting empire by speaking his mind. Also a stand-up comedian, he realizes the world benefits when comics challenge the norm.

For the story below, Fox News interviewed patrons of the club to get their reactions to the club’s premise and its shows.

Today’s Stand-Up Spotlight also includes stories on Brian Posehn, Leanne Morgan and Billy Crystal.

Today is the first full day of spring. Let’s make it a funny one.

STAND-UP SPOTLIGHT – March 21, 2023

Is Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership good for comedy? Attendees weigh in

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:AUSTIN, Texas – Attendees of Joe Rogan’s new comedy club told Fox News whether they felt the anti-woke venue is good for comedy.

“It’s fantastic for comedy,” Brady, who came from Phoenix to attend the club’s third night open, said. “This is going to be the new home for comedy in America, not just here in Austin.”

Rogan — a hot-button podcaster, stand-up comic and UFC commentator — opened his own anti-woke comedy club called Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas, on March 7 and performed an inaugural set that night.

Stand-up comedian, metal marauder and comix giant Brian Posehn has new tricks up his long sleeves


STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Quirked-out stand-up comedy’s gentle giant and resident thrash metal fanatic Brian Posehn, has a new stream-able comic special, Posehna Non Grata, on the market, along with prepping for an April tour around the U.S. Beloved too for his acting chops and sketch comedy skills (Mr. Show with Bob Oedinkirk and David Cross alone makes Posehn into a hero), self-described nerd and comic book fan, Posehn has also entered the comix market with his own Holiday Party volume.

‘Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman’ Comedy Special Lands Release Date

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Leanne Morgan will take the stage, as Netflix has announced they will release a comedy special from the artist for the first time ever. Titled Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman, the special is set to celebrate women in an observational and instructional way, according to Deadline. Some of the experiences that will be talked about during the program will be Morgan’s experience while growing up in Tennessee and being married for over twenty years. Moving to a different era of the comedian’s life, raising her three children and the fact that she became a grandmother will also be discussed during her routine. Morgan had previously released comedy specials on YouTube.

Billy Crystal

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:In 2006, I took my father to see Billy Crystal’s balletic one-man show 700 Sundays. It was an extremely significant experience in my life, for many reasons.

If you’ve read my previous essays, you probably understand how much the history of comedy means to me. And you also likely get that I feel especially strongly about the artists with whom I’ve gone on a long journey. Today, I want to pay tribute to a comedian who embodies the history of comedy… and whose work I have a lot of history with.

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