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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: TikTok’s Growing Comedy Role

Some comedians are becoming so comfortable with TikTok and the audience it provides that they prefer creating TikTok videos to performing live.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – TikTok has become so popular among younger comedians that many now prefer the platform over performing live.

That sad observation is one of many takeaways from the Business Insider story that leads today’s Stand-Up Spotlight.

There’s no doubt TikTok is helping comics reach new audiences. The hashtag #comedy reportedly has more than 20 billion views, and the social media platform suggests new comedians to users who watch comedy videos.

Many of South Florida comedians are posting on TikTok with various levels of success, but thus far Applause Break has avoided the platform. Simply put, we don’t trust it. The platform’s security issues are concerning, and the number of followers seems artificially inflated.

Now comes the idea that some comedians prefer performing without a live audience? Didn’t the world not learn anything from Zoom comedy shows?

Today’s Spotlight also includes a reminder that, as infuriating as cancel culture can be to comedians in America, it’s far worse in China. There’s also a story about how TV dad Bob Saget influenced TV daughter Jodie Sweetin to give stand-up a try.

Let’s keep Hump Day rolling with the funny.


Comedians say TikTok has broken the power of traditional gatekeepers and brought greater control and financial stability to their careers

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Kareem Rahma, 36, is a comedian of the digital age.

“I’ve always been an internet-first comedian,” Rahma told Insider. The sketch and stand-up comic started out posting videos on YouTube and Instagram. TikTok, though, has accelerated his career like no other platform or stage.

Today, with 417,000 followers, Rahma is carving out a new space for unscripted comedy on the app.


China’s Comedy Powerhouse in Hot Water After Comic’s Military Joke

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Xiaoguo Culture Media, one of China’s most influential comedy production companies, was plunged into a fresh crisis after authorities handed down a hefty fine over a controversial joke made by one of its leading stand-up comedians.

The controversy began when an anonymous post surfaced online on Saturday taking issue with a joke told at a Beijing live show held by Xiaoguo that day. The comedian, later confirmed to be Li Haoshi, known by his stage name “House,” had joked that seeing his adopted stray dogs chasing squirrels reminded him of the phrase, “Forge exemplary conduct, fight to win” — a widely-known military slogan in China.

Jodie Sweetin says Bob Saget inspired her to try stand-up comedy

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Former “Full House” star Jodie Sweetin still feels the presence of late Bob Saget, who for years acted as her father figure both on and off the screen.

Speaking to TODAY.com, the 41-year-old says Saget made her feel confident in her abilities as a child actor on “Full House.”

Years later, that confidence gave her the boost to try out something completely different: Stand-up comedy, Saget’s own speciality.

Perry Sak: Roughing It In Boca Raton Jail

BOCA RATON – Peeing in a parking lot landed comedian Perry Sak in jail, providing the inspiration for one of his most recognizable bits.

Two decades ago a cop discovered Sak relieving himself in the parking lot after a night of partying at Club Boca.

Ritzy Boca Raton being nothing to pee on, the officer arrested Sak.

Click here to view the entire Perry Sak Boca Jail story.


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