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STAND-UP RUNDOWN: ChatGPT Roasts British City

A writer in England asked an artificial intelligence program to produce a comedy routine roasting his city. The results are surprising.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Those following the Stand-Up Spotlight recognize its affinity for artificial intelligence, and how it applies to stand-up comedy.

Let’s close out the week with this one.

A reporter from Kingston upon Hull, an English city mostly referred to as simply “Hull,” asked ChatGPT to roast his home city. AI had plenty to work with. Hull, apparently, is considered one of Europe’s worst cities.

Here are a couple lines from the AI-produced comedy routine.

“Hey, everybody! So, I hear I’m in Hull tonight. (crowd cheers) Yeah, the beautiful city by the sea, where the only thing colder than the weather is the locals. (crowd laughs).”

“But seriously, I love coming to Hull. It’s a city with character, and by character, I mean it’s got more pubs than people. (crowd laughs) I mean, I don’t know what it is about this place, but every time I come here, I feel like I need a liver transplant. (crowd laughs)”

ChatGPT won’t win comedy awards any time soon, but Applause Break does have to admit that those jokes are better than what can be heard at many South Florida open mics. Follow the link below to read the entire ChatGPT comedy routine.

Today’s Spotlight also includes a story about a New York comic getting called transphobic by a Dallas audience for wondering why a certain trans influencer hadn’t installed breasts yet; a look at Amy Schumer’s upcoming Netflix special; and, for those who might be heading to D.C. for Memorial Day, a survey of area comedy clubs.

Now, get after the funny this weekend.


‘Accent like a mouthful of gravel’ – ChatGPT pokes fun at Hull in AI-generated stand-up routine

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Hull has been at the wrong end of many jokes over the years but it’s maybe never before been given a roasting by artificial intelligence (AI) – with some interesting results.

From beating off top ten contenders Morecambe, Winchester, Cumbernauld and Liverpool to be named the UK’s most horrible place to live in the infamous first edition of Crap Towns in 2003, to recently being labelled the “worst place in the world” by infamous former Hull KR player Willie Mason, it’s something locals are very much used to.


NYC comedian heckled, group storms out over Dylan Mulvaney jokes: ‘F–k you, transphobe’

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:A New York standup comedian triggered a Dallas audience when she made a joke about transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for still having “no tits” because “he is a man” — prompting the sensitive audience members to storm out.

“Why has it been a year of girlhood and still no tits? That’s day one, OK?” Chrissie Mayr told the crowd at Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub over the weekend, referencing the gender-affirming top surgery.

Amy Schumer Announces New Comedy Special Emergency Contact

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:Amy Schumer has a new stand-up special called Emergency Contact coming to Netflix next month and it’s expected to cover a whole lot of parenting territory with her signature irreverent sense of humor. After delivering her hilarious and brutally honest comedy special Growing about pregnancy and periods in 2019, we can’t wait to hear her takes on parenting a toddler, marriage, and anything else that inspired Emergency Contact . Here’s everything you need to know until it premieres.

A Guide to Standup Comedy in DC

STAND-UP RUNDOWN:While Washington has an undeserved reputation for type-A, khaki-clad humorlessness, our city is home to a thriving standup-comedy scene. Beyond the big names who got their start here—Martin Lawrence, Patton Oswalt, Wanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle—DC is home to a sizable contingent of amateur and aspiring comics performing at open mics across the area. Some are hardcore hopefuls working to become the next big thing. Others are happy hobbyists delighting in their dual identities: consultants by day who do standup by night, government workers in need of a creative outlet, lawyers seeking a space to blow off steam for exactly five minutes at a time.


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