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Stunt Flying

South Florida comic Carl Rimi, production crew, successfully complete crucial stunt scenes during Thursday's shooting of iPossessed.

by Chuck king

LAKE PLACID – Carl Rimi, his cast and crew understood that Thursday would be a pivotal day in the shooting of his movie, iPossessed.

For the first time the group incorporated stunts into the movie.

“In a little, low-budget indie film you don’t see this kind of stuff, but we wanted to get it right,” Rimi said. “We don’t want to make it look hokey, but this is a real-deal movie and one thing can derail it – one little thing where you can be like, ‘I don’t believe it.’ There’s ways to cheat that but we didn’t want to.”

At different points in the night both Rimi (who plays Tad Volo) and castmate Chris Moss (Buckley) flew threw the air with the help of a wires, a harness and a pulley system.

“It was pretty fun,” Rimi said. “It’s pretty cool. It was a good feeling.”

Rimi also performed his biggest stunt of the movie, walking way from a fall into breakaway wooden prop with only a small abrasion.

The cast of iPossessed features several comics – Rimi, Moss, Jerry Sommer – but it’s most certainly not a comedy.

The production needed successful execution of Thursday’s stunt to draw the audience deeper into the plot of the thriller.

“I feel like this is honestly a make-or-break scene because this is going to launch us and give us lots of credibility if it’s done well – and I believe it will be. Or it could look really hokey,” co-producer Tami Lee Boothby said.

Shooting on Thursday began after sunset and didn’t end until shortly before the densely foggy central Florida night gave way to dawn,

Though exhausted from the long shoot, the cast and crew accomplished their mission.

“I think that we did execute it,” Sommer said. “I think it’s going to look great once we put it in post and cut it up. Hopefully it will match the vision I have.”

iPossessed began shooting in late April and won’t wrap until late May. Rimi has yet to announce a date for the movie’s release.

Rimi, an accomplished South Florida comic, wrote the script and stars in the movie. He’s also the co-producer and co-director.

Fellow South Florida comics Warren Scott (executive producer) and Jackie Sanchez also have parts in the movie.

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