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Thanksgiving’s Best?

South Florida comics desribe their favorite and least favorite aspects of the family Thanksgiving dinner in this funny video.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – It’s a day to give thanks – for comedy.

That’s what the pilgrims would have wanted, right?

OK, so there probably wasn’t much comedy occurring on that first Thanksgiving, but there’s no reason not to spice up this year’s festivities with a comedy video.

Applause Break asked South Florida comics to tell us their favorite and least favorite parts of the Thanksgiving dinner table. Some of their answers are contained in the above funny Thanksgiving video.

Vital Dieujuste, Seetha, Steve Lamm, Connie Fernandez, Tim Hanlon, Jay Guy and CJ Landry were more than happy to share.

What’s the best part of the Thanksgiving dinner? Is it the turkey? The stuffing? Cranberry sauce? How about dessert? An abundance of alcohol? Or is it possibly the people seated around the dinner table?

South Florida comics touched on all those subjects and more. Fernandez and Lamm left little doubt as to their favorite part of the meal. Guy was quite certain about his least favorite Thanksgiving meal.


Normally Applause Break will offer ideas for celebrating the national day, but most Americans are already fully versed in thanksgiving celebrations. However, many will be surprised that Nov. 25 is more than simply Thanksgiving.

It’s also National Play with Dad Day, National Parfait Day, Blase Day, Shopping Reminder Day, National Day of Mourning, and, oddly enough, Turkey-free Thanksgiving. Good luck finding free turkeys with the economy in its current state.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from Applause Break. And remember to properly hydrate in preparation for Epic Black Friday Deals.

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