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The Drive To Heckle

Comics Zach McGovern and Nadeem Awad join the dark side, heckle golfers for an afternoon as part of a fundraiser.

by Chuck king

BOYNTON BEACH – He’s not a golfer, but comic Zach McGovern may have a future on the links.

That would be great for comedy and fundraising. Not so good for golfers.

Earlier this month the St. Joesph’s Parent Organization hired McGovern and fellow comic Nadeem Awad to be part of the Boynton Beach school’s Jaguar Classic golfing fundraiser at Indian Springs Country Club.

The premise was simple. McGovern and Awad were given a bullhorn and told to heckle the golfers until someone paid them to stop.

“I thought it was awesome,” McGovern said. “If they paid me I would shut up. Whatever they paid I did what was respectful – kind of.”

The above hilarious golf heckling video shows only a portion of the afternoon, but viewers will get a good idea as to why golfers paid large sims for McGovern and Awad to cut them a break.

McGovern and Awad set up beneath a tent on the par 3 second hole and let the comments rip. Almost anything became fodder for fun. McGovern and Awad found humor in the golfers’ clothes, socio-economic status and even their occupations.

Most commonly, however, the duo hit the golfers where it hurt the most.

“We made fun of people’s swings – whether they were good or bad,” Awad said. “It was a good time.”

It didn’t help that the tent also gave away tequila and rum shots to the golfer and the comics.

“Once we got going we just sat on Hole 2 and sh*t-talked people for four hours,” McGovern said. “Had some margaritas, made some money and might have a good idea for a side business.”

Through their wit and volume, McGovern and Awad helped raise more than $1,000 from the foursomes that played through.


McGovern even wonders whether this new comedy niche could expand beyond the golf course.

“You could do any event – golf events, charity events, bar mitzvahs, weddings – all sorts of stuff where they want to add a little flair.”

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