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Flip Schultz headlines and highlights energetic show at Delray Beach's Tin Roof.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Judging by the lineup for Monday’s comedy showcase at the Tin Roof, host Ryan Scott figured he had landed a monster gig.

The start of the evening gave Scott some doubts, but the show quickly rounded into exactly the kind of show Scott expected.

“It was a little bit slow at first,” said Scott, making his first appearance at Tin Roof. “Then Stephanie Wood cracked them open – cracked the seal.”

The energy Wood first sparked continued to build inside the Roof throughout the night. By the time headliner Flip Schultz took the stage, the audience was warm and engaged.

Schultz didn’t disappoint the crowd.

Scott had never worked with Schultz but did catch his performance at the Palm Beach Improv earlier this year.

“This just confirms it,” Scott said. “He’s a certified killer, man.”


VENUE: Tin Roof, Delray Beach (Nov. 30, 2020)

Ryan Scott (host)
Sean Mullins
Stephanie Wood
Fasil Malik (guest)
Perry McCutchen (feature)
Flip Schultz (headliner)

SHOW HIGHLIGHT: Schultz’s impression of newlyweds’ inspiration for acts of intimacy – one where he threw the microphone stand on the ground and started humping it – had the crowd howling. It’s an image most won’t soon forget.

BE OUR GUEST: Malik turned up the energy on his normally deadpanned act just a notch and the crowd responded to what was one of his best sets. Fortunately for him, he wasn’t in Daytona. …McCutchen’s hacks for helping his son get through prison hit their marks. Relaying that he was once told his jailed son needed snacks, McCutchen countered with, “Snacks are for free people. We’re the ones who need snacks.”

WORKING THE ROOM: As indicated earlier, the crowd responded to Schultz’s 45-minute set. He even managed to convince a few patrons from the outdoor portion of the venue to stop watching Monday Night Football and come indoors for the show. By the time Schultz finished his set there wasn’t an empty seat.


THE COMICS’ TABLE: Nadeem Awad didn’t perform but he did momentarily take the stage to sanitize the microphone at the request of McCutchen. Awad may have found a new calling, or at least a new skill to add to his resume. …Schultz, Scott and Wood will work together again on Sunday at Monroe’s in West Palm Beach. The host for Sunday night, Bobby Mac, got a preview by attending the Tin Roof show. …Awad and David Sadman – also in attendance – will open for Jimmy Shubert on Dec. 8 at the Improv.

ONE LINER: “Fasil came in and crushed. His jokes were perfectly timed. A very impressive set.”- Scott

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