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Scheduled to perform in Miami Thursday-Saturday, Natasha Pearl Hansen's podcast - Future Role Model - offers insight into the life of comic growing into her role.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – The day stood to be the worst of comic Natasha Pearl Hansen’s life.

Instead, it turbocharged her career.

When they called off the nuptials. Hansen and her fiance were already too close to their scheduled wedding date to receive a refund from their wedding hall. So if Hansen was going to have to pay for the room anyway, she was going to make use of it.

She changed course, switching her focus from a wedding to a comedy special. That special, “I Was Supposed To Get Married Today…,” helped take her comedy career to the next level.

“I really like to turn life’s negatives into a positive, or turn them into something that can help somebody,” Hansen said. “That’s the same thing with my podcast – “Future Role Model.” I just really focus on trying to do something good and spin something into a positive for people.”

Listen to “Ep 155: Madison Comedy Week” on Spreaker.

While her stand-up shows and the podcast feature Hansen’s take on life, they serve different purposes.

“My take with the podcast is just to provide some levity and good conversation, and dive into some other people’s lives and experiences, and not focus too heavily on something public unless it’s something my guest wants to talk about,” Hansen said.

Hansen’s recorded 155 episodes of Future Role Model over the past three years, often inviting comics to join her and talk about their lives, along with their approaches to comedy.

“What it’s done for me, I’ve learned so much about comedians I have known for years that I would never know from just hanging out in clubs,” Hansen said.

Hansen had been living in Los Angeles but recently moved back to Wisconsin.

“I was just kind of over how LA had sort of crumbled a bit,” she said.


When Hansen takes the stage on Thursday for the first of her three shows at Miami’s Villain Theater it will be part of her first set of Florida performances ever.

Fans of Hansen’s Future Role Model shouldn’t expect to see a reprisal of the podcast during that performance.

“There’s nothing similar at all,” Hansen said. “[The podcast] is conversational. It’s just a flow of conversation. My stand-up is based in my reality. I’m definitely me on stage, but I write about what I want to write about.”

The shows begin at 8:30 p.m., with tickets running from $15-$20.

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