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Beauty Lies Within

South Florida comics honor National Inner Beauty Day with this video's comedic take on the meaning of the day.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – If you’re pretty on the inside, today is your day.

Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021 is National Inner Beauty Day and South Florida comics are ready to celebrate. Although, some of them – humorously – may have the wrong idea about what they are celebrating, as the above video shows.

Mark Christopher makes his first appearance in one of these Seize The Day videos. Joining him are Tim Hanlon, Zach Bugarin, Nik Macik, Flip Schultz and Stephanie Wood. In the video, South Florida comics offer their offbeat thoughts on National Inner Beauty Day.

Segments for this comedy video were shot in Lake Worth, Pompano Beach and Dania Beach.

National Inner Beauty Day came into existence in 2016. The day offers people the opportunity to look inside themselves and others to find the beauty that exists within each person.

According to National Day Calendar, Inner Beauty Day “aspires to bring beauty and wholeness to a world that may not yet understand its own self-worth. We challenge you to join this cause and add your voice by expressing your #InnerBeauty.”

It’s basically a day for people to recognize the humanity in others.

Of course, that doesn’t mean comics can’t have a little fun with the day, which is exactly what happens in the above National Inner Beauty Day video.

Anyone looking to celebrate something other than National Inner Beauty Day on Oct. 7 has a few alternatives. Thursday is also National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day, so go enjoy a treat. It’s also National LED Light Day, National Frappe Day and National Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day. Yes, we had to research Trigeminal Neuralgia to learn that it’s sudden, severe facial pain.

So look inward today. Maybe it will bring inner peace.

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