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Energized at Sunrise

Greg Hahn's rapid-fire delivery and animated antics served as a fuel injector for tremendous night of comedy at the Sunrise Theatre.

by Chuck king

FORT PIERCE – Harnessing Greg Hahn’s energy could lower gas prices.

Saturday night in front of a packed Sunrise Theatre Hahn delivered another relentless performance that left audience members holding their sore stomachs and gasping for air, and left Hahn so sweaty that it looked like he performed in a backyard swimming pool.

“It was interesting,” Hahn said, “I liked the night. Beautiful crowd. Beautiful night. Outstanding.”

No one can accuse comic Greg Hahn of a lack of energy during performances.

Few in comedy pack more jokes into a performance than Hahn. No one matches Hahn’s supercharged delivery that mixes self deprecation, military service, perpetual motion and some of the borderline insane thoughts that pop into his head. (Hahn’s idea for his own animal channel series would most certainly break Twitter should it become a reality.)

Packing so many jokes and antics into one hour requires exquisite timing – a truth that concerned Hahn, who hadn’t been on stage in a couple of weeks, prior to Saturday’s show.

Afterward Hahn said he felt a little rusty, but it’s hard to image anyone in the audience noticed.

“You know you’re pretty good when you feel like you suck but you’re still getting a good response,” Hahn joked.


Casey Peruski (Host)
Richie Minervini (Guest)
Nadeem Awad (Feature)
Greg Hahn (Headliner)

Sunrise Theatre (Black Box room), July 24, 2021

Hahn successfully worked more than 100 bits and one-liners into his hour-long set, and nearly all found their mark. His story about serving an usher at his sister’s wedding shortly after his marine discharge – and doing it drill sergeant style – had the crowd howling.

Awad doesn’t perform in Fort Pierce often, so few if any in the audience were familiar with his bits about growing up in a Muslim home. His story about accidentally hanging the wrong lights during Christmas drew one of several applause breaks. …A New York native, Minervini relocated to Fort Pierce during the pandemic. He dropped into Saturday’s show, and his cruise ship stories were a hit. …Along with producing an entertaining evening, Peruski elicited laughter with his wife’s bedroom COVID precautions and his issues with intermittent fasting – a joke that came up during a green room conversation prior to the show. “It’s not a finished bit either, but it’s nice hearing comics laugh at it and say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s fun. You’ve got something there,’” Peruski said.

At the conclusion of Awad’s bit about growing up Muslim a woman in the back of the room shouted “Welcome to America.” Awad thanked her, before pointing out that he was born in Michigan.

Hahn is playing a couple private shows during his South Florida stay before hitting the road for shows in Huntsville, Ala., and Erie, Penn. …Awad and David Sadman are heading to New York City this week to perform a few shows. He also announced a second show at the Wine House Social, this one on Aug. 10 headlined by Joey Medina. …Peruski’s Dry Bar special, recorded before the pandemic’s onset, has a tentative premier date of Aug. 2.

“Greg Hahn is as good as it gets in comedy. He was crushing it.” – Casey Peruski

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