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Time To Kill

Local stand-up comics planning to head to Miami with hopes of killing Tony and his podcast - in a good way.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – Locals Steve Lamm, Charly Esturilho and Nadeem Awad are among the mob of comics heading south to Miami this weekend with the stated goal of killing Tony.

Before reaching for the phone to dial 911, understand that Tony Hinchcliffe wants to be killed.

This will all occur in search of podcast glory – both for Hinchcliffe and the comics involved.

“I think the ideal situation is being discovered,” Lamm said, who’ll be attending the Friday and Saturday shows.

Hinchliffe’s “Kill Tony” podcast is one of the most popular stand-up comedy podcasts in the world.

The Los Angeles-based Hinchcliffe is bringing his “Kill Tony” podcast to the Miami Improv, with shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The idea behind the comedy podcast is simple. Recorded with a live audience at theaters and comedy venues, Hinchcliffe asks audience members to put their names in a bucket – “The Bucket of Destiny.” Names are then drawn at random.

When a name is selected that person has 60 seconds to make Hinchcliffe laugh – which is where the Kill Tony podcast derives its name. He’s searching for a comic whose routine kills.

“I put together a minute for that show specifically,” Awad said. “I think I can get some laughs.”

After their one minute, the performer – usually an aspiring young stand-up comic – is reviewed by Hinchcliffe and co-host Brian Redban.

That interview – the modern equivalent of being called to Johnny Carson’s couch – can become a career launcher for a young comic.

“If you’re a good guy and they’re having fun it could go a while,” Lamm said.


The “Kill Tony” podcast boasts an audience of more than 1 million fans per month, easily making “Kill Tony” a top stand-up comedy podcast.

The current COVID-19 pandemic slowed some of that momentum by closing many of the venues Hinchcliffe would use to when recording the show.

In recent months Hinchcliffe resumed the “Kill Tony” podcast, adhering as closely as possible to the format his audience had grown to love.

Most fans who listen to a stand-up comedy podcast are already familiar with “Kill Tony.” Those who’ve yet to hear it are encouraged to give it a listen.

“When I go on road trips I find it very entertaining,” Awad said. “I like when he roast the comics.”

Most performers barely manage to scratch Tony, but those who kill him make for an entertaining show.

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