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Turkey and Dough

Beginning Wednesday, South Florida Improvs will hold three contests in nine days with the winners receiving money and a turkey.

by Chuck king

DELRAY BEACH – The Improvs are ready to talk turkey.

The comedy club franchise will host three open mic contests over the next nine days, with the winners on each night receiving $100 and a free turkey.

The first of those contests occurs on Wednesday in Dania. More than 20 comics have already signed up to take the stage, each pledging to bring at least 10 audience members to the show. Those who fail to meet that requirement will not be permitted to perform.

The contest is intended for open mic comics, defined as local comics who aren’t regularly booked for weekly paying gigs.

Demand for spots at the Dania Turkey Contest prompted the Improv to add a second show there one day later.

Even though comics aren’t allowed to compete in both shows, the Thursday lineup is expected as packed as Wednesday. Both shows begin at 8 p.m.

“I feel like Dania has a lot of new energy,” show organizer Jay Guy said. “The newness of it is very exciting. That gets a lot of comics amped up.”

These will be the first contests at the Dania Improv since the club opened its doors in August.

Comic Matt Durndak is expected to host the Thursday show. A host for Wednesday’s show has yet to be announced.

The Palm Beach Improv will host its version of the Turkey Contest on Thursday, Nov. 18. All the same rules that applied in Dania will also be in effect for the Palm Beach contest. Spots are still available for the Palm Beach show, which also begins at 8 p.m. Morgan Gallo is expected to host the Palm Beach show.

Comics who participated in one of the Dania contests are also eligible for the Palm Beach show.

All three shows are free and open to the public, with a mandated two-drink minimum.


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