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VIDEO: Comics Talk Like Pirates

South Florida comics give their impressions and thoughts pertaining to National Talk Like A Pirate Day in this funny video.

by Chuck king

LAKE WORTH – Aarrghh! All you scallywags, this is the day you’ve been waiting for – bottle of rum in hand.

Sunday, September 19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, and Applause Break is here for the celebration.

We asked a boat full of South Florida comics for their thoughts on National Talk Like A Pirate Day, and compiled the best responses into the above Talk Like A Pirate video.

Thanks to South Florida comics Warren Scott, Nico Bolling, Robb Kallert Dan Long and Jackie Sanchez for contributing to this video – although Sanchez does appear to be a bit tormented by pirates.

The idea for National Talk Like A Pirate Day stems from – of all things – a racquetball ball game. As legend has it John Baur and Mark Summers began offering encouragement to each other in pirate-ese. That was back in 1995. The day kind of plundered in anonymity until syndicated columnist Dave Barry wrote about it in 2002. People have been swashbuckling in search of booty en masse ever since.

How should landlubbers celebrate National Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Well, it’s fairly straight forward. Essentially, rent Pirates of the Caribbean and imitate how those guys talk.

According to National Day Calendar, participants can create their own pirate name by picking a color; choosing an animal; and naming a profession. Combine all three and, Land Ho!, there’s your pirate name. Bonus points if you already have your own parrot.

For those who don’t like pirates – and we learned there are plenty of those people in the world – Sept. 19 is also National Butterscotch Pudding Day, and the third Sunday of every September is Wife Appreciation Day.

Applause Break encourages followers to try to celebrate all three. Roll your wife in a vat of pudding while shivering her timbers. If she doesn’t want to go along with it, make her walk the plank.

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